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The Three Things You Must Do After Getting Your February Score

So, you got back your score from the February LSAT, and you didn’t tell any of your friends because there just isn’t any emoji that can properly convey the wounded surprise and bitter anguish you feel. Is it time to just pack in the whole law school thing and teach tap dance to orphans in Bangladesh? Should you check yourself into a nursing home 60 years early? Is life as we know it over?

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To Retake or Not?

December LSAT scores are out, and that means many students are now facing a tough choice: retake the test or stick with the score you got?

The question is a perennial one, and one that we’ve tackled before here at Most Strongly Supported. According to data from LSAC, most mid-range test takers (those who scored in the 140s and 150s on their previous LSAT) increase their scores by slightly more than two points when they retake it.

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Five Resolutions for the February Exam

Welcome back to the grind, LSAT-takers! The holidays are over, and it’s time to put your game face on because the February LSAT sure ain’t gonna take itself.

On that note, I had the misfortune a few days back of hearing the smarmiest of exchanges on the radio.

Warming up her guest, the host politely inquired, “So, have you laid out your resolutions yet?”

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It’s the most study-ful time of the year!

The holiday season is chock-full of lots of great stuff – drinking, eating, presents, friends, family, and more. Unfortunately, if you’re planning on taking the February LSAT, your holiday season will likely also be chock-full of studying.

Balancing LSAT studies with holiday festivities is tough. For one thing, the holidays are an infamously busy time – you probably have invitations galore to work functions, ugly sweater parties, and family get-togethers.