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The Way Forward

The December LSAT was this past Saturday, which, huzzah, you’re done with studying for the dang thing. But what if you feel like you didn’t do as well as you wanted?

First of all, did you really do as poorly as you thought you did? Or are you someone who is always convinced that you did terribly after every exam (“I swear, I failed that test!”), but it always turns out that you did fine (“Never mind, I got an A.”)? In other words, are you a Chicken Little, convinced the world is going to end because you might’ve gotten a few problems wrong (which is perfectly normal, by the way)?

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To LSAT, or not to LSAT. That is the question.

If you’ve been studying for the December LSAT, you are hopefully feeling ready and steady for Saturday’s test. But some of you are probably feeling less prepared than you’d like to be. What are your options? Should you hold off until February? Should you plan on taking the test in December and in February? Should you apply to law school this year as planned, or wait until Fall 2016?

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All Your February LSAT Application Options

What a glorious week all you February LSAT takers are waking up to. Exhausted, curled up, wrung out? Take heart; you could be in Boston.

Here’s some of the best news, though. For many years I’ve been banging the drum to apply EARLY, EARLY, EARLY in the admissions cycle. Recently, though, it’s been more of a finger tapping.

Many people who submitted their applications last fall are already getting acceptances, so that hasn’t changed, and that’s a nice bonus for them. But the good news for you, dear Februaries, is that there’s never been a better time to be applying late in the cycle.

Many law schools are in wait-and-see mode as application volume has dropped like a stone for several years.

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February LSAT: The Morning Cometh

You had your date with the February LSAT yesterday. You gave it hours of undivided attention, and it kicked you out with nothing more than a vague promise to email in a few weeks.

From the rumors I’m hearing about yesterday’s test, LSAC needs to get a little more creative with the subject matter. A Reading Comp passage about Dark Matter? Again? And yet another game about cars? You can do better, LSAC.

But all that isn’t terribly important. Most LSAT test takers would gladly answer Reading Comp questions about purple dinosaurs on children’s television as long as they reached their target score. I’m hearing that the February LSAT seemed easier than the last few LSATs to a lot of people. There were hard questions, as always. Some people found a few Logical Reasoning questions especially puzzling. But on the whole, there’s no mass freakout about any one thing from yesterday’s test.

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February LSAT: Instant Recap

You did it. You completed the February LSAT. And now it’s over.

Take a couple seconds to celebrate that simple fact.

In the comments below, let us know your feelings about today’s LSAT. How difficult did you find it? Which section(s) tripped you up? Did anything crazy happen at your testing center?


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Logical Reasonings / 1.14.15

A) Check out our February LSAT Tips over at the Ivey Files.

B) An aspiring law student documents the start of her “Journey to a JD.” Ms. JD

C) Not thinking through why you want to go to law school can result in mid-career crisis. Above The Law

D) A 16-year old programmer is determined to show you where political funding comes from. When I was 16, I was determined to get the coolest puka shell necklace. The Higher Learning

E) You may not be happy with your LSAT score yet, but at least you’re not one of these bodybuilders arguing about how many days are in a week. Death and Taxes

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Welcome to the February LSAT

Now that the December LSAT is behind us, the LSAT circle of life continues as we turn our attention to the February LSAT. In fact, here at Blueprint LSAT Prep, many of our winter classes are beginning this week. To our young grasshoppers: welcome to the next couple months of your life! Regardless of what method you’re using for your LSAT prep, if you’re just beginning now, here’s what you should know:

1. Studying for the LSAT is probably a bigger time commitment than you think.
I tell my students that studying for the LSAT is essentially a part-time job unto itself. Once your studying is in full swing, you’ll be spending easily 15 hours a week (and likely more than that) just on studying for the LSAT.

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What the Recent Increase in LSAT Test-Takers Really Means

About 200 more people sat for the February LSAT in 2014 than for the February 2013 LSAT. What does this mean? Are law school application numbers on their way to recovery? Probably. Will law school admissions become more completive? Yup.

Here’s a closer look at the ramifications of the recent increase in LSAT test-takers:

The Legal Market Is Improving

The legal profession, like most others, hasn’t been doing so hot since the 2007 financial crisis. Law firm hiring fell, as did real salaries. Many college graduates responded by not taking the LSAT, and not applying to law school.

However, things are getting better.