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2014 February LSAT Morning Cometh

It’s over. The February LSAT is behind us. Take a deep calming breath, and let’s talk.

I’m here to give you a rundown of the impressions people had, and point you in the right direction for what’s next.

The February LSAT Was Weird

Most people I’ve talked to think the February LSAT was weird.

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2014 February LSAT Instant Recap

We may not know much about the February LSAT, but we do know that it is over.

Today thousands of law school hopefuls filled LSAT testing centers across the country in hopes of earning an LSAT score that will catapult them into law school admission paradise. Were you one of them? What did you think of the February LSAT?

Some early reports have indicated that it was a beast of an LSAT (one Logic Game in particular), but that’s typical of the first batch out of the test centers. As more info about the 2014 February LSAT comes in, this post will be updated.

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4 Things You Should Do the Day Before the February LSAT

Here at Blueprint LSAT Prep, we like to help you succeed in all areas of your life, so here’s a useful reminder: Valentine’s Day is one week from today. Now you have no excuse to forget about V-Day until you’re on your way home from work and stop at CVS to get some random crap.

But even more importantly, today is the day before the February LSAT. So for those of you who are facing the Big Day on Saturday, today is also “Me Day.” Here’s the run-down on how your day before the February LSAT should look:

What to Do the Day Before the February LSAT I: No studying. Seriously.

I bet you never thought an LSAT instructor would be telling you not to study, and yet here we are. Nothing good can come of studying today.

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Items to Bring (and Some Not to) on February LSAT Test Day

The February LSAT is in two days, and we here at Blueprint LSAT Prep want you to do your best. LSAC has a bunch of regulations about what you need to bring, what’s chill to bring, and what’s totally verboten (that’s German for forbidden). You should definitely check out LSAC’s Test Day Manifesto. Here are some highlights of the major stuff, as well as some tips:


• February LSAT admission ticket with passport-style photo attached

• Government-issued photo ID

• Clear plastic Ziploc bag (one gallon max. size)

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Aaron Cohn’s 2014 February LSAT Predictions

The February LSAT is coming up this weekend, so as usual it’s time for us to predict what delights it’ll hold. I’m honored to take over the LSAT predictions (I didn’t know you were allowed to do it if you’re not named Matt), but I also feel lucky: since the February LSAT is undisclosed, no one will be able to prove me wrong. It’s a nice way to start off, as I get my powers of clairvoyance back into shape.

2014 February LSAT prediction I: Logic Games

The December LSAT had a harder than usual Logic Games section. None of the games was all that bad on its own, but only one was truly easy. Of the others, one was standard but hard, one was a bit unusual and moderately hard, and the last one was typical and moderate.

On the February LSAT, I’d expect a return to the recent trend: one killer game, with the other three being easy-to-moderate and fairly standard. The December LSAT had two rule substitution questions, whereas usually there’s no more than one. Expect a break from those.

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How to Stay Sane and Sharp the Week of the February LSAT

Is your desk covered in eraser dust? Are you having nightmares about mis-bubbling Scantrons? Then welcome to the final week before the February LSAT! This week will be all about staying sane and sharp.

Here’s how:

Staying Sane For the February LSAT

To keep your sanity before the February LSAT, you will take Thursday and Friday off. Many of you will be tempted to do some more studying. Don’t. I’ve often seen students improve by several points after taking a few days off. I’ve also seen overworked students break on LSAT day. Your brain just needs some time off.

We don’t want any surprises during the February LSAT — or before. So this week I want you to drive to your LSAT test center.

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Omaha! Omaha! How to LSAT Prep on Super Bowl Sunday

As usual, the February LSAT is coming a week after the Super Bowl. That’s a problem if you’re in the midst of LSAT prep and you had any designs on watching the big game. It’s hard to justify taking a day entirely off of studying this close to the LSAT, but then again, it’s the Super Bowl.

The answer is to compromise. Luckily for you, even if you’re on the west coast, kickoff isn’t until 3:30. You know you’re not going to actually get any studying done after the game, so get your full day of studying in beforehand. Wake up at a reasonable hour, even though it’s Sunday, and get to work. Take an LSAT practice test. Review it. Drill some of your weak areas.

Once you get that done, you can devote the rest of the day to enjoying the Super Bowl however you like to enjoy it. Eat some junk food. If you want to drink some beer, drink a little beer. Forget about the LSAT.

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From the Archives: 5 Things to Repeat on LSAT Test Day

The February LSAT is next weekend. You probably want to panic, but don’t. This is exciting. You’ve prepared for weeks and weeks, and all that hard work is going to pay off. Keep reminding yourself of that, all the way until the test. And when you’re taking the test itself next Saturday, keep telling yourself these things to stay calm:

It’s Just Another Practice Exam – People tend to think that their LSAT will somehow be different. They think that since it’s the real LSAT exam, it will somehow be harder. But it won’t be. Sure, things change here and there, but for the most part it’s not going to be new or different. Remember: Everyone around you on LSAT test day studied for the same thing.

The LSAT is Incredibly Interesting – This applies mostly to LSAT Reading Comp. We all know that Reading Comp can really suck. Who wants to learn about 20th century literature? You do. That’s right. Get excited, because you’re reading about the most interesting thing you’ve ever heard of.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.27.14

A) If you postponed your law school application, it is time to kick it in gear. Law Admission Lowdown.

B) July 2013 California bar exam results are in. Good job as always, Stanford. Above the Law.

C) No lie: The guy from Shattered Glass is not going to be a lawyer. USA Today.

D) Quentin Tarantino is suing Gawker over publishing his leaked script, alriiiiight, okaaayyyyy. ABC News.

E) This woman predicts the future using asparagus. Wonder how tasty the February LSAT will be. The Kernel.

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Two Weeks Until the February LSAT: Ready to Roll, Right?

The February LSAT is 15 days away. Catch your breath. It’s going to be OK.

By now you should have covered everything that’s going to be on the LSAT. Your job over the next two weeks is to put it all together. If it’s not quite there as of now, that’s OK.

It’s normal not to feel ready yet. This weekend, because you need to know where you stand and you need to practice taking full tests, you should take at least one LSAT practice test. No, you don’t get to watch the Pro Bowl. But let’s be honest: Would you even be tempted to watch the Pro Bowl if you didn’t have LSAT studying to procrastinate?

Review those LSAT practice tests verrrry carefully. You can improve on the score, but you need to figure out where that improvement needs to come from.