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ISPs, the FCC, and the Stuff You Do on the Internet: A Rundown of Congress’ New Internet Privacy Law

Nowadays, people are willing to publicize a vast amount of private information. From locations and dates of birth to sexual orientation and relationship status, almost every aspect of a person’s life can often be found online with a few clicks. Yet, there is one area of our lives that we generally try to guard—our online search histories. I, for one, get a little nervous when someone asks to borrow my computer, just in case they open up my search history (not because there’s anything particular damning or deviant, I’m not that interesting).

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The feds weigh in: ABA needs to get out of the law school business.

The federal Education Department recently opined that it may be wise for the American Bar Association to get out of the law school accreditation business. Now, on the one hand, there is an argument that we do not need to encourage the expansion of the law school business at the moment. On the other hand, the Education Department does not really specialize in legal education, and it is arguably better to leave accreditation decisions and the like to the ABA.