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2 Days Left to Win a Free LSAT Course in Our Video Contest

If you’re reading this LSAT blog, it’s likely you’ve given up on the prospect of becoming a movie star. It’s cool. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve simply set your sights on a more realistic career.

But here at Blueprint, we know there’s a little Meryl Streep in each of you — even the dudes.

That’s why a few weeks ago we kicked off a video contest (which you can visit here) with the grand prize of a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course on the line. Second place wins a $400 voucher off a Blueprint LSAT course, and third place wins some sweet Blueprint SWAG. In our book, that’s better than winning an Oscar.

Unfortunately, the video contest ends in two days.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.28.12

A) Blueprint is hosting a video contest on Facebook. Grand prize wins a free LSAT course, and second place wins a $400 voucher off an LSAT class. (Tip: Get your video in early. As soon as it’s approved, it can start earning votes!) Facebook.

B) What does Jeremy Lin have to do with the LSAT? Stereotype threat, of course. Time.

C) The University of Texas was recently ranked the No. 1 sexually active campus in the country. Just what do you have to say for yourselves, Austin LSAT prep students? Culture Map.

D) According to one Vermont senator, Wall Street is to blame for these high gas prices. Maybe move the stock market to a less commutable city? CNN.

E) Playboy is planning to build a strip club in space. Much like the magazine, most of the establishment’s customers are expected to be University of Texas students. The Week.