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Get The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension E-Book Free!

Not so long ago, we rolled out the second installment in our series of standalone instruction LSAT books, The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension. Like all of our endeavors, this book combines clear instruction, a powerful, comprehensive method for addressing the LSAT, and content so hilarious that it might just make you shoot milk (or whatever’s in the container you’re concealing in that paper bag) out of your nose with laughter.

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LSAT CHANCE (see what we did there?): Summer Course Giveaway!

The Mayan Calendar predicted eons ago that this day would come. The end of the… Blueprint LSAT Summer Course Giveaway. At 5 pm PST — just a few short hours away — this here link will no longer be accepting entries. Do you want to let this opportunity pass you by? You know you’re taking Blueprint, so why not take a stab at doing it for free?

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Blueprint’s summer LSAT course giveaway starts today!

Hey there! Thinking about taking the September LSAT? If you’ve investigated a little bit, you probably know that studying for the LSAT is a pretty significant investment of time and money. While we can’t change the fact that you’ll have to put a lot of time — not to mention a smattering of heart and soul — into getting a great LSAT score, we can ease the dent in your wallet that studying will make. In fact, we can take your poor, overburdened wallet out of the picture altogether.

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Enter to win a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the entire Reading Comp curriculum of the best-in-the-nation Blueprint LSAT Prep course boiled down into a book? Wouldn’t it be even better if that book cost $0.00? Wouldn’t it be unicorns-and-flying-carpets-magical if you could get that deal right now, staring at your phone/computer/tablet in your PJs?

Well, guess what?

Um, no, we didn’t get you a puppy for Christmas. No, that’s not Beyonce over there, just some chick with great hair and a winning smile.