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Logical Reasonings / 2.11.16

A. Take a gander at the House of Cards season four trailer. So very, very angry, Kevin Spacey. TV Line

B. Cop saved by bulletproof vests now makes bulletproof vests, thinks that civilians shouldn’t be allowed to have bulletproof vests. WTKR

C. Following up on an item about Wake Forest *considering* accepting the GREs for law school, U of A has gone ahead with it. Try getting a job after graduating. Above the Law

D. In proving some thingamjigger that Einstein thought up, some scientists have documented gravity waves emanating from the collision of two black holes. Bro… NPR

E. If you alphabetize your socks by thread count, you will find these pictures extraordinarily satisfying. Bored Panda

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Is the GRE the better law school gatekeeper?

The LSAT is a great, unholy gatekeeper. All ye unhappy law school applicants must stand before its judgment seat. Now, one school wants to open up an alternate, friendlier, less logic games-y route to the legal profession: the GRE.

Wake Forest University School of Law is considering letting some of its incoming students take the Graduate Records Examination (aka the GRE) instead of the LSAT.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.28.16

A. Google just entered into a partnership with processor-maker Movidius to make phones with neural networks. Soon, instead of being a figurative slave to your smart phone, you could be a real one! The Christian Science Monitor
B. How will the other GOP candidates use the debate in Trump’s absence? Will anyone even watch? The Washington Post
C. Wake Forest School of Law is engaged in a half-baked (quarter-baked? eighth-baked? yeah, that’s it, eighth-baked) scheme to get the American Bar Association to let them stop using the LSAT in admissions. Above the Law
D. The Centers for Disease Control says that the Zika virus – which causes little-to-no discomfort among the infected but is thought to cause horrific birth defects – is virtually guaranteed to take hold in the U.S. The Huffington Post
E. The plaintiffs suing Caitlin Jenner for wrongful death in a highway accident last year have dismissed the suit. Wonder how much $$$ they got… ABC News