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Logical Reasonings / 12.3.15

A. From Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of UCI Law and all around Constitutional law rockstar, here’s the lowdown on two important Supreme Court cases which will be the subject of oral argument next week. ABA Journal
B. The fifty best songs of 2015, yo. Rolling Stone
C. Senate Democrats try – and fail – to pass stricter gun control measures in the wake of the San Bernadino massacre. Huffington Post
D. Does your phone dance? Yeah, didn’t think so. Your phone sucks. Mashable
E. Doughnut holes? Yes. Bagel balls? Um, not so sure about that. Buzzfeed

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Logical Reasonings / 8.14.14

Pretty sure Lionel Hutz went to one of these crooked for-profit law schools. Above The Law

Washington Redskins seek to overturn trademark ruling, continue being racist. Time

Maryland court upholds gun control law, sets off dozens of angry Facebook posts from my extended family. CBS Local

Double Ponzi all the way across the sky. Wall Street Journal

Quit blowing all your money on Beats By Dre, you dum dum. Esquire