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Finding an LSAT-Life Balance

If you’ve been studying for the LSAT for a while now, you may be starting to feel the strain. Let me lay out a scenario for you…

You don’t have enough time. After a long day of work, you might normally go to the gym then get dinner with a friend. But these days, you have to spend the nights unpacking logical fallacies. And since the LSAT keeps you up late you’re groggy and inefficient at work, so you have to stay after hours to keep from falling behind. You skip the gym again, and it’s another late night of Logical Reasoning. You call your friends to back out of Saturday’s Dodgers game as you run your thumb along the hundreds of pages of study material awaiting you.

Meanwhile, your brain is in manic LSAT-mode all the time and you can’t ever relax.

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Staying Positive While You Study

The LSAT can be discouraging. Getting ten percent of the questions wrong puts you roughly in the top one percent of a self-selected group of people who have been to college and gone so far as to consider law school. That means it’s a hard test. No one is immune to the LSAT’s frustrations, but it’s important to stay positive as you study.

Negative thoughts only get in the way. When you doubt whether you can really tackle the LSAT, you’re fighting your own thoughts as well as the LSAT. The LSAT is enough on its own. Don’t make it even harder.

As you study, break things down into pieces. Get your score out of your head. Focus on whatever concept you’re studying and on that concept alone. Your goal should be to really understand whatever little thing you’re working on.

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Mentally and Physically Preparing for the LSAT

The February LSAT is coming up. “I know, I know,” you say. You’re should be busy doing and reviewing practice questions, sections and tests. That’s all great, but let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. How do you get yourself mentally prepared to go into the LSAT test center and rock the LSAT? Here are a few issues to consider:

Test-Day Environment
LSAT test takers sometimes report that they’re distracted or thrown off by things that happen on test day: a proctor’s loud high heels, or a fellow test taker’s sniffles or pencil tapping. That’s often a consequence of taking practice tests in overly controlled environments. If you’re doing all your LSAT practice in a soundproofed room, with earplugs in, you’re setting yourself up for the little noises and annoyances of test day to mess with you.