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If You’re Just Starting to Study for the LSAT…

We don’t mean to scare anyone, but as of today, there are exactly two months until the June LSAT.

If you’re planning on taking the LSAT in June but haven’t started preparing yet, it’s not too late – but you’ll need to start studying, like, today. If you haven’t decided on a study method yet, check out our run-down of your options, do some research, and try to sign up or purchase materials ASAP. (A side note for those interested in Blueprint LSAT Prep’s live course: although most of our classes have started already, it’s not too late to sign up! Contact our office for assistance in getting up to speed.)

Two months is generally plenty of time to prepare for the LSAT, but you’ll need to study for the LSAT like it’s your job over the next couple months, so clear your calendar and tell your friends you’ll see them after June 8th.

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On the LSAT, Struggles Lead To Success

The LSAT is hard. Really hard. Students who are bogged down in the middle of LSAT study sometimes feel like it’s just something some people can do and some people can’t. The ones who feel this way invariably put themselves in the “can’t” category. Well, that mindset is self-defeating, and it runs directly counter to the results of studies about… studying. (And, hey, if improvement were impossible then Blueprint wouldn’t exist. The contrapositive of this statement is, “If Blueprint exists, improvement is possible.” And we all know Blueprint exists.)

The simple truth is that learning really hard things is possible. While it happens at a different pace depending upon the person, it does happen.

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