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Logical Reasonings / 1.20.15

A) Law School Lowdown continues their exploration of argument structures in LSAT Logical Reasoning. US News and World Report

B) You may think legal hiring is all about law school prestige these days, but it’s nothing compared to back in Don Draper’s day. Above The Law

C) A young JD offers firsthand advice on how to get a job on Capitol Hill before law school. If this were 1998, I’d make a Monica Lewinsky joke here. JDCOT

D) I hope I’m not the only one who finds the Silk Road trial fascinating. Because if I am, all you MSS readers are going to get awfully tired of me linking to stuff about it. Here’s a recap of the first week of the trial. TechCrunch

E) SNL is really upping the making-fun-of-Justin-Bieber game. Variety

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Logical Reasonings / 12.29.14

A) Should you apply for law school during the holiday season? Prelaw Guru

B) Law school can benefit your entrepreneurial goals. Just like spell check can benefit my typing of “entrepreneurial.” US News & World Report

C) Class of ’13 job results for every law school. Very interestingAssociate’s Mind

D) A personal injury lawyer says Google’s driverless cars will reduce the need for his services. Everyone else says, “Good.” Wall Street Journal

E) The president of Argentina adopted a Jewish boy to stop him from turning into a werewolf. This is 100% true. New York Daily News

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Who Does Your LSAT Prep Course Hire?

Did you read the real live job posting seeking LSAT instructors above? If not, take a minute to familiarize (or perhaps horrify) yourself.

Are you back now? Good.

Faces and names have been blurred to protect the, well… not the innocent. No, certainly not. For they are guilty! Guilty of hiring instructors who have no business teaching the LSAT.

You want to be a lawyer. You need a great score on the LSAT to get into a great school to get a great job to be fabulously wealthy to show all those jerks at your high school reunion how much better you are at life than they are. The first step in that glorious chain of victory is every bit as important as all the other steps.

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LSAT Survey: Students Value Prestige Above All Else

Every year, we here at Blueprint – in partnership with Above The Law’s Career Center – survey our LSAT prep students to get an idea of how they feel about some aspect of their law school journey. In the past, we’ve gathered their thoughts on everything from their admissions chances to the prospect of an online LSAT administration.

This year’s survey was sent to the thousands of students currently enrolled in our summer course, who are in the midst of preparing for the September 27th LSAT. It focused on how they plan to choose their law school, and the effect they believe that choice will have on their career prospects.