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Logical Reasonings / 4.20.16

A. Andrew Jackson — the slaveholding tormentor of Native Americans but otherwise great guy — is out on the $20 bill. Harriet Tubman is in. Quartz

B. Hillary crushed Bernie in the Empire State yesterday, all but foreclosing the latter’s ability to close the gap in pledged delegates. Where does Bernie go from here? The Washington Post

C. Apparently the smarty-pants students at Harvard Law School are still capable of saying breathtakingly stupid things. The Observer

D. North Carolina’s so-called bathroom bill, which requires transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding to the sex identified on their birth certificate, may be in big trouble. CBS News

E. Old enough to remember the Sharper Image? Here’s stuff out of the old catalogue. LOL forever on this stuff. Mental Floss

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Slavery and Symbolism at Harvard Law School

As you may have seen in coverage from The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Law School is considering changing its seal. In a social climate laden with cheeky editorials about excessive PC culture on college campuses – or, for that matter, in an election dominated by The Donald – it comes