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How to Use This Blog

Before you get insulted by the idea that you need instructions on how to use a blog – “I read it, duh!” – hear us out. You clicked the link after all, smarty-pants.

While Most Strongly Supported was created and is maintained by the LSAT gurus at Blueprint LSAT Prep, and while we are the foremost experts on the LSAT, this blog is a one-stop information destination for those moving through the process of getting into law school.

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First Steps in the Law School Application Process

Today’s tips come from Eileen Conner, who helps law students create excellent law school admissions essays in her work as founder of Pen and Chisel.

If you’re planning to apply for law school in fall 2015, now is the perfect time to lay the foundations for a great application. At this early stage, it’s especially useful to explore your options and begin narrowing down your priorities. In addition to studying for the LSAT — definitely the top priority for those of you taking the June test — what can you do now to start preparing?

Clarify your goals
Before you take your first steps along the path to law school, it’s important to ensure you’re working toward something you truly want.