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So Your LSAT Diagnostic Score Sucks

As winter becomes spring, many of you will soon be sitting down to take your first practice LSAT. This is the universal first step, and more often than not, it’s a fairly painful one.

Not to be a big downer, but taking an LSAT with little or no preparation is a humbling experience, not unlike stepping into a boxing ring for the first time. Going in, you might feel confident, even excited. After all, you’ve seen plenty of boxing in the movies, so you know the drill – jab, hook, etc. And then the bell rings and someone starts hitting you really hard, and you’re like, “Wait… hang on… ow!… Oh, I see. I suck.”

After that, maybe you quit boxing and try something lower impact. It’s kind of barbaric anyway, you think. You try swimming. Apparently it’s good for your joints.