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Introducing the Blueprint App

Every so often, a new idea comes along that changes the face of humanity — the very way that we understand life. The heliocentric solar system. The theory of evolution. And, of course, Goober. Now Blueprint is proud to announce it’s own revolutionary, earth-shaking idea…

The myBlueprint App.

Okay, we might be a little prone to hyperbole, but that’s only because we’re very excited about what our all-in-one iOS app can mean for LSAT prep students.

Developed over the last year by Blueprint co-founder Trent Teti, in collaboration with a team of programmers and beta testers, myBlueprint offers access to the same brilliant (and hilarious) techniques taught in Blueprint’s live and online LSAT prep courses – including 16 lesson videos, dozens of homework assignments, and every publicly released LSAT question in history.