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Logical Reasonings / 3.22.16

A. Berkeley’s law school has appointed a nice young woman as interim dean, replacing a creepy, handsy old man, who still has tenure and a fat paycheck, btw. Berkeley.edu

B. What schools have the highest median LSAT scores this year? All the ones you’d expect. Which ones have the lowest? All the ones you’ve never heard of. Above the Law

C. ISIS has claimed responsibility for a series of horrific bombings in Brussels. CNN

D. Remember Rob Ford, Toronto’s admitted crack-smoking mayor? He died of cancer. RIP, Mayor Ford. You made life in Canada interesting, no small task. The Washington Post

E. So, the FBI is all, “Nvmd Apple. We can hack ur phone w/o u lol.” And Apple is all, “WTF FBI???” IBT

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Introducing the Blueprint App

Every so often, a new idea comes along that changes the face of humanity — the very way that we understand life. The heliocentric solar system. The theory of evolution. And, of course, Goober. Now Blueprint is proud to announce it’s own revolutionary, earth-shaking idea…

The myBlueprint App.

Okay, we might be a little prone to hyperbole, but that’s only because we’re very excited about what our all-in-one iOS app can mean for LSAT prep students.

Developed over the last year by Blueprint co-founder Trent Teti, in collaboration with a team of programmers and beta testers, myBlueprint offers access to the same brilliant (and hilarious) techniques taught in Blueprint’s live and online LSAT prep courses – including 16 lesson videos, dozens of homework assignments, and every publicly released LSAT question in history.