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Logical Reasonings / 1.6.14

A) Attend this law school, and you can ski while you earn a JD. Above the Law.

B) Before you send off your law school personal statement, make sure you do one final polish. Law Admissions Lowdown.

C) Experimentation is for the lab. Not the law school. Huffington Post.

D) If last year was any indication, 2014’s going to be a wild one in the court room. Wild About Trial.

E) It’s bad enough when you lose your fantasy football championship. But then to have to take the SAT? Ouch. Wall Street Journal.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.14.13

A) Law school isn’t just good for a JD. You also acquire the tools to lead a richer, more meaningful life. Wall Street Journal.

B) Oh, law school professors. Always sayin’ stuff. Above the Law.

C) Goodbye, Whitey Bulger. CNN.

D) If you’ve ever wondered what Thanksgiving break is like for law school students, worry no more. Law Street Journal.

E) The McRib is back! Unfortunately, this is what it looks like. MSN Now.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.9.13

A) Know what’s better than a JD with law school debt? A JD with no law school debt. Politico.

B) The Southern California Institute of Law says bar passage rates don’t mean nothin’ (paraphrase). Wall Street Journal.

C) The hostage situation that started earlier this week in San Diego has made its way to Idaho. USA Today.

D) Amanda Bynes (27) is now under the legal custody of her mom. Newser.

E) Watch out for scams. The trendiest one right now: The “Let’s Have Sex on a Pile of Money” scam. Consumerist.

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LL.M. Degrees: More Job Prospects, or Just More Letters?

Ah, the LL.M. degree. If you’ve ever gone to law school, you’ve cracked many a joke about the international students and their LL.M.’s. The Master of Laws degree is almost synonymous with a foreign student trying to get a degree that will give them a beachhead in the U.S.

And law schools are increasingly using it to entice more money out of already-indebted law students.

The American Prospect has a recent article about the growth of these programs, especially in the wake of a number of law schools being forced to cut faculty and salaries in order to maintain their bottom line. Law school applications continue to drop precipitously, and that makes it harder to attract qualified candidates. Schools need to leverage scholarships to keep their numbers up, eating into their profits.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.5.13

A) Law schools are trying new things to entice students. For example, William and Mary Law School now offers an appetizer course. Law.com.

B) Also, Cooley Law School is trying to speed up the path to a JD. ABA Journal.

C) Law school applications are down again. What’s that mean for the 2016 legal job market? Above the Law.

D) It’s always fishy when a mob lawyer dies. Even if he or she is not technically swimming with the fishes. Chicago Tribune.

E) In the United States, the English language is crazier than a mayonaise crawdad, y’all. Business Insider.

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What Matt Shinners Would Do if He Were a Law School Dean

Big news from Blueprint LSAT Prep today: After nearly a decade of prepping kids for law school, we’re prepping for law school ourselves. Only we’re not attending one. No, dear LSAT blog readers, we’re forming one. And yours truly has been tapped as dean. Be it my pedigree, experience, or the way my profile will look on marketing materials, we’re planning to hit the ground running.

How will our law school be different? I’m glad you asked.

First, we’re going to get you some work experience. But not just in an area you pick. We’re implementing a rotation between different clinicals your first year. Much like law firms will have new/summer associates “try out” different practice groups before assigning them to one, we’re going to have you rotate between different areas of law in that first year of law school.

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The ABA Zeroes in on Law School Employment Data

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but law schools have been shamelessly inflating their employment statistics for years. Shocking, I know.

After cracking down on the way schools report their LSAT scores (a scandal or two helped push in that direction, *cough* Villanova and Illinois *cough*), the ABA has now turned its attention to law school employment data. In fact, the ABA is currently soliciting proposals, so feel free to throw your hat in the ring.

This is going to be a much more difficult program than the one designed to ensure correct LSAT info. For admissions data, the LSAC acts as a central repository for all law school application data. Anyone who has an LSAT score took the test through LSAC.

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Katie Holmes: Scientology Nightmare to Law School Dream

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend all your downtime from the LSAT keeping up on the hottest celebrity gossip. So you were probably as excited as we were when you read on the infinitely-reliable and relevant Showbiz Spy that recent divorcee Katie Holmes is maybe heading to law school. Maybe!

The gossip website scored a hot interview with everyone’s favorite famous celebrity insider: “a source.” Mr(s). Source claims that everyone’s favorite Scientology apostate is now headed to the welcoming arms of law school. Holmes’ father is a lawyer, and they’re even thinking of going into practice together! Sound fishy? Well, it shouldn’t. This all came from “a source!” And with sentences like “Sources say the actress — who last year divorce [sic] Tom Cruise — is planning a career change away from “acting” and spellings like “in-terest,” we know we’re dealing with journalistic integrity of the highest degree.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.28.12

A) Law schools are seeing an increase in the number of non-JD applicants. ABA Journal.

B) Harvard Law is offering a free copyright law online course — applications accepted until January 3rd. Law.com.

C) NYU med students now will have one fewer year of tuition to pay for; will NYU Law follow suit? Business Insider.

D) Everyone hates delayed flights, but now we know that suing the airline over it probably won’t work. Thomson Reuters.

E) Despite all the advances in technology this year (iPhone 5, anyone?), there were some goofs, too. CNN.com.