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Logical Reasonings / 4.14.15

A) Why do law schools make their application instructions so hard to find? Who knows. But make sure you search them out. Ivey Files

B) Consider how a law school’s location will affect your future job prospects. I’d also suggest considering how much winter sucks. U.S. News and World Report

C) How a minimalist lifestyle can help you survive law school. Survive Law

D) Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle order is healthier than yours. New York Times

E) Alabama Shakes is the best and you can listen to their new album for free! NPR First Lsiten

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Logical Reasonings / 3.20.15

A) Geographical proximity matters when it comes to biglaw partner prospects. New York Times

B) A study of the law school class of 2010 has raised troubling questions about the future of the legal profession. Why can’t these things ever raise delightful questions? Wall Street Journal

C) Law school deans are attacking the bar exam, and Above the Law thinks they reek of desperation.

D) This stock photo is kinda racist, but sadly accurate. Redline

E) A comprehensive ranking of every Taken ripoff. Vulture

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What Kind of Summer Job Can a 1L Get?

For most people, law school is about getting a job. If things go well, you’ll probably have some sort of offer for permanent employment in the fall after your first year. But before you get there, you’ll need to get a job for your first summer. For many, this will be a first look at legal work. You’ll have several options.

Judicial Internships
During a judicial internship you’ll get to work in the chambers of a judge. You probably won’t have a lot of contact with your judge, but you’ll still get to observe cases and you’ll work pretty closely with the clerks.

The great thing about judicial internships is that you get to apply for them before your first semester grades come out.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.5.15

A) A new study shows there’s no correlation between law school clinical training and job offers (unfortunately). Get a good score on your LSAT, kids. Above the Law

B) A new study says diversity is lacking at top law schools, and I, for one, am shocked. US News & World Report

C) Here’s a solid student loan repayment primer. If it looks scary, well, that’s all the more reason to get the most scholarship money you can. Huffington Post

D) Net neutrality is almost inevitably headed back to court. Wall Street Journal

E) Left Shark is King of the Internet. All hail Left Shark. Chive

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Should You Attend A ‘Practice Ready’ Law School?

With law school enrollment at historic lows, today’s schools are competing harder and harder for a shrinking pool of applicants. Applicants who eventually want jobs. And some schools are trying to entice prospective students with “practice ready” programs. These programs are supposed to prepare you for the real work everyday attorneys do, and, more importantly, turn you into a more attractive candidate for prospective employers.

There’s some evidence that these programs may better prepare students for some practice areas. However, we don’t know whether employers will give any weight to the benefits of practice ready programs in legal hiring. Intuitively it makes sense that, all else being equal, employers would prefer a “practice ready” graduate over one who isn’t.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.6.15

A) How to get a job after law school. Useful. Ms. JD

B) How to get a public interest job after law school. More useful. Or entirely not useful. Depends on the reader, I guess. Above The Law

C) Since 2010, 95 percent of law schools have lowered their LSAT admissions standards, including 20 of US News‘s top 22 schools. BusinessWeek

D) SCOTUS returns from winter break this week and their upcoming docket is jam-packed full of important cases. Time to put aside your cool new Frozen gear and get back to work, Scalia. Constitution Center

E) I hereby challenge Bradley Cooper to an air guitar contest. I await your response, Mr. Cooper. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 12.29.14

A) Should you apply for law school during the holiday season? Prelaw Guru

B) Law school can benefit your entrepreneurial goals. Just like spell check can benefit my typing of “entrepreneurial.” US News & World Report

C) Class of ’13 job results for every law school. Very interestingAssociate’s Mind

D) A personal injury lawyer says Google’s driverless cars will reduce the need for his services. Everyone else says, “Good.” Wall Street Journal

E) The president of Argentina adopted a Jewish boy to stop him from turning into a werewolf. This is 100% true. New York Daily News

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Logical Reasonings / 11.24.14

Another law school ranking, another first-place finish for Yale. Business Insider

Mapping out law school expenses before you submit your applications can help you figure out where to apply. US News & World Report

ATL is calling bull on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s new legal job numbers. Above the Law

A crowdsourced list of the most interesting things students learned during law school. Reddit

Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig crack each other (and me) up. Buzzfeed

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Be A Good Consumer: My Talk With A Law School Dean (Part Two)

Last week, in Part One of our interview, I spoke with Southwestern Law School Vice Dean Catherine Carpenter about law school curriculum – both its importance and its evolution. Today we move on to how curriculum can (or should) influence your choice of law school.


Most Strongly Supported: We’ve seen a lot of evolution in legal education and the job market recently. But we just did a survey of our summer students, and for most of them, prestige is still the thing that matters most when choosing a law school, often to their detriment. What do you say to students who value a school’s ranking above all else?

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A Better Way to Measure Law School Job Numbers

Determining the “best” law schools has been a hotly contested field over the last few years, with everyone wanting to get a piece of the ranking action. U.S. News & World Report is the most common ranking system, incorporating various factors including selectivity, perception by peers, and job placement.  Above the Law has its own rankings with a much greater emphasis on employment outcomes, while Law.com created rankings focused on LSAT score, employment, and journal citations.

When it comes to students actually deciding which school to attend, however, employment prospects reign supreme. In a survey earlier this month, just over half of Blueprint LSAT students said that they valued “Prestige of Law School/US News & World Report ranking” above other factors when deciding which law school to attend, in part because they think attending a prestigious school will lead to a better job.