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Six Reasons to be Thankful for the LSAT

Six reasons to give thanks for the LSAT on Thanksgiving day, from your friends at MostStronglySupported.

6.  You get the unique experience of studying on tryptophan.

5.  It provides redemption for a low GPA caused by all those undergraduate days you studied on tryptophan.

4.  You can show up at the dinner table without fear of reprisal for personal hygiene neglect.

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October 2010 LSAT Instant Recap

So the east coast division of the Blueprint conglomerate reported back to us and the initial reaction is:

It was a relatively straightforward LSAT.

The reading comprehension was dubbed the hardest section, but not because of a particular passage as much as just overall difficulty.  Also, there was a logical reasoning question involving an analogy that is rumored to be a candidate for a new question type.  (Probably not, but we’re watching this with keen interest).

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Taking Your First Practice LSAT

As Blueprinters around the world from Des Moines to Afghanistan begin their studies for the October 2010 LSAT, the first of many obstacles looms large.  Laying in a supply of number 2 pencils?  No.  Saying goodbye to your significant other for all intents and purposes for the summer?  Hopefully not.  Understanding the significance of the first practice exam?  Check.

Your first practice LSAT.  This rite of passage has been responsible for inflated egos, vicious self doubt, and innumerable trips to KFC.