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The June 6th 2011 LSAT is in a Fortnight: What to Eat

We’re only a couple weeks away from what will be the most important test of your life (pause for panicking).  At this point you should be in the heat of studying, taking lots of practice tests and spending tons of time reviewing said tests. One of the most important things to do, though, doesn’t have anything to do with studying.

It has to do with eating.

Two weeks from today, when you take the test, you have to make sure to eat right. Even in the best of times the LSAT is insanely hard, so you need to be on your feet.  So not eating breakfast or lunch is really not an option.  You want something that is going to stick with you, so granola and yogurt is probably a better option for breakfast that Cap’n Crunch.

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Get Your Seat for the June 2011 LSAT Now.

You know when you’re flipping around different TV channels and you come across the end of an infomercial? Two things always strike me as strange: The first is that you can always pay for infomercial products with a money order. Not a credit card, not even a personal check, but a money order. If you are using a money order to buy a Shoedini, you are either 100 years old or someone didn’t hug you as a child. The second strange thing is that they always try to illicit some sort of supply crisis (“CALL NOW to order your Snuggie before they are all gone! Supplies are limited and there is a limit of 5 Snuggies per order!“). I mean, come on. You’re telling me if Danny Tanner called up to get Snuggies for everyone in his family they wouldn’t sell them to him? Of course they would. They’d even hook up Kimmy Gibler. I can also guarantee you that they will always have enough fabric available to make a backwards robe.

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Should You Take the June or October LSAT?

If you want to apply to law schools this coming fall (2011) to enroll next fall (2012), then you probably haven’t taken the LSAT yet. If you’re a junior who wants to go to law school right after graduation, then you’re in this boat. If you’re reading this, and planning this far in advance, then you’re already a step ahead of most people.  Congratulations, young grasshopper. But when to take the test? June, October, or December?

Technically you have four options, because you could take the February 2012 test and still apply for enrollment for Fall 11. But this really isn’t your best bet.