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Spring classes for the June LSAT are starting soon!

While Punxsutawney Phil predicted a couple more weeks of winter this year, at Blueprint, our spring classes are already arriving! Most of the students planning to take a spring classroom course are going to take the June LSAT, and if you are one of these students, then all I can say is … lucky you! As someone who studied with Blueprint before taking a June administration of the LSAT, I think that June is a great time to take the exam and that the spring season is an ideal time to get in your studying. Let me tell you why.

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Read this to avoid June LSAT gloom.

Blueprint classes for the June LSAT are getting started soon (a few are already underway). It’s a good time to talk about where the June LSAT puts you in terms of the law school application cycle.

If you’re taking the June LSAT, you’re looking at applying to law school this fall to start in fall 2018. Application deadlines for fall 2017 have come and gone. Law schools made some exceptions to their deadlines when applications were falling and they were desperate for students, but it looks like applications are on the way up right now.

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June LSAT: The Morning Cometh

Hopefully, you’re still sleeping off the raging party you threw last night in celebration of/lamentation of taking the June 2016 LSAT. So, what do we know?

First off, it appears highly likely that section three was the experimental section. So, if you tanked that section, hooray! It’s a freebie! If you were hoping against hope that it was one of the other sections, you may end up disappointed.

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Why is the June LSAT on a Monday afternoon?

The June LSAT is the only one offered in the afternoon instead of the torturously early morning. But do you know why LSAC has provided this unexpected bounty to us unworthy paeans?

My investigation yielded no insight into the minds of the creators, so we must conjecture in order to grasp at divine knowledge.

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Lessons Learned From the June 2015 LSAT: Part II

Last week, Laura took a look at the Logic Games and Reading Comprehension sections of the June 2015 LSAT. This week, I am going to cover the Logical Reasoning sections of that test. I want to start by thanking Laura for covering logic games because…logic games are the worst. My personal hell would probably involve completing endless logic games while “It’s a Small World After All” plays on an endless loop (on a related note, I’m pretty sure anyone who enjoys logic games is some sort of demon).

With that aside, let’s take a look at the Logical Reasoning sections in the June 2015 LSAT. For the most part, the consensus seems to be that the Logical Reasoning sections were fairly straightforward. My own review of the test seems pretty consistent with that general sentiment. Nevertheless, there are a few questions worth highlighting from both of the sections.

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Lessons Learned from the June 2015 LSAT

Here’s a little-known fact: LSAT instructors get three Christmases per year, and last week was one of them. That’s right – Santa brought us a brand spanking new LSAT for us to savor! The June 2015 LSAT, hot off the presses.

The questions on this particular test that seemed to generate the most chatter were a certain Logic Game involving magazine features, and a Reading Comprehension passage about glass. Even if you didn’t take the June 2015 LSAT, there are some important lessons to be drawn from it, so let’s dive in.

Logic Games

There’s something surprisingly refreshing about sinking your teeth into a Logic Game you’ve never seen before, and the June 2015 LSAT did not disappoint on that front, with a rather unusual fourth game that had people talking after the test (just like last year!).

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June 2015 LSAT Scores Released

Yesterday was a big day in LSAT World, as the scores for the June 2015 LSAT were released late in the day.

Here’s how the curve broke down:
-10 for a 170
-26 for a 160
-44 for a 150

This means that you could’ve missed 10 questions and gotten a 170, and so on and so forth. Also of note is the fact that it was not possible to get a 179, 175, or a 122 on this exam.

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Tips to Improve Your LSAT Study Habits (and LSAT Score)

LSAT prep season is getting in full swing. This winter, per usual, was a quiet time in the pre-law world; few people sit for the February LSAT, and there’s a lull of activity in the early months of the year. But after a busier spring of June LSAT prep, even more people are gearing up for the October. So what should you do if you’re planning on taking the test in a few months? Well, this may sound obvious, but you should study. You should study frequently, you should study well, you should study regularly. You should study.

LSAT Study Tip I: Do the work

For those of you taking an LSAT prep course, whether online or in-person, it’s not enough to just do the lessons.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.9.15

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