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Seasons Greetings from Blueprint

Much has been written on the meaning of the holidays. Thanksgiving is easy; it’s right there in the name, and it’s a secular holiday. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa on the other hand… Is it the particular religious/spiritual underpinnings of each? Or something more universal? Spending time with friends and family? And what about the New Year? Is it looking back on the year that just ended, in order to learn its lessons? Is it celebrating a (fairly arbitrary) fresh start?

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Studying for the LSAT by the Light of the Kinara

Christmas is over, which can only mean one thing: That’s right, it’s Kwanzaa time! For the next seven days, we here at the Blueprint offices will be busy celebrating all things Pan-African. However, even as we observe the holiday, our LSAT duties unfortunately cannot remain forgotten for an entire week. But that’s alright! Even if you don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, you can still let Kwanzaa’s seven core principles guide you in your LSAT studies. Principles such as:

Unity – While studying, one must focus on the different sections individually. A solid grasp of Logical Reasoning, Reading Comp, and Games needs to be attained before putting it all together. But put it together one must, which is why taking many practice exams is so important. Just as it is with families, communities, and nations, unity cannot be forgotten on the LSAT.