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Logical Reasonings / 6.24.14

A) Law schools are offering some groovy courses these days. Wall Street Journal.

B) Edward Snowden’s lawyer takes inspiration from drug dealers. Above the Law.

C) Coming this fall to CBS: Wake Forest Law School. Camel City Dispatch.

D) How fast can you type? Your future law firm needs to know. Lawyerist.

E) We are surrounded by fibbers. That’s no lie. Huffington Post.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.23.14

A) Good news: law firms are hiring law grads. Wall Street Journal.

B) Even better news: startups and engineering firms need lawyers, too. Law Admissions Lowdown.

C) Of course, if law school isn’t your thing, there’s always politics. Sun-Sentinel.

D) The Supreme Court’s busy week kicked off with a decision on the Environmental Protection Agency. National Law Journal.

E) There are some weird folks in America. Specifically, America’s public transit. Heavy.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.20.14

A) The employment rate for 2013 law school grads was 84.5 percent. Not bad, but not the best. Businessweek.

B) These law firms should be on the apply-to list for all female lawyers. Above the Law.

C) Here are the legal minds behind the Washington Redskins’ trademark lawsuit. Wall Street Journal.

D) Oh, good. The great white shark population off the East Coast is booming. Nature World News.

E) Rarely does a mugshot go viral for any reason other than the person looks insane. There’s a first time for everything. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.6.14

A) Get a job after graduating from one of these law schools, and debt won’t be a problem for long. Above the Law.

B) You gotta fight…for your right…to beat Monster in a lawsuit, which the Beastie Boys did. Huffington Post.

C) Heads up to lawyers: Saying “Go ahead and disbar me” will probably result in your disbarment. ABA Journal.

D) Here’s all the info you need about the top 350 law firms in the country. National Law Journal.

E) It’s the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The photos are still haunting, and the beaches are still there. New Republic.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.4.14

A) Law school’s only half the work. You also have to nail that first legal job interview. Huffington Post.

B) Screw net neutrality. Law firm websites are the real crisis on the internet. Above the Law.

C) Watch it, lawyers. Nobody says the B word. ABA Journal.

D) Here’s an interesting legal question: Who actually owns your email address? Reuters.

E) In all actuality, net neutrality is very important. John Oliver sums it up best. Digg.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.14.14

A) Don’t forget: After law school, you don’t have to practice law in America. US News & World Report.

B) It doesn’t take a lawyer to know you shouldn’t call someone a “chubby wubby.” ABA Journal.

C) Stick together with your law firm job. For the kids. Above the Law.

D) Alec Baldwin was arrested for riding his bike the wrong way down a New York street. What a menace. CNN.

E) Gonna be hard for any colleges to top the UConn’s graduation speech this year. Reuters.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.2.14

A) The answers are mixed regarding whether law firms care which classes you took in law school. ABA Journal.

B) Other law schools would kill for the yield rates at these institutions. Above the Law.

C) Woo boy. The Supreme Court didn’t win over many fans today…unless you’re filthy, stinking rich. Los Angeles Times.

D) Zac Efron is playing a Yale Law grad in his next flick. ABA Journal.

E) Be glad you never went to the doctor before 1950. Gizmodo.

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Tidy Up Social Media Profiles During Your LSAT Score Wait

If you want to become a lawyer, read this article detailing a certain BigLaw firm’s very strict social media policy. The entire policy is there, too, if you have time to look through the whole thing. There’s nothing so ridiculous it’s funny; it’s just very strict throughout.

Now consider this: that’s the world you’re trying to enter. Whether you like it or not, you stand a better chance of success if you’re willing to play by its rules. Social media can bite you in the you-know-what. It’s your job to make sure it doesn’t.

It’s 2014. Law schools and law firms know what the internet is, even if they may have been slow to get with the program. They know that they may be able to find embarrassing pictures of you online. It won’t reflect well on you if they do. Don’t let them.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.6.14

A) The ABA is used to giving others an earful about law school. This week, the opposite happened. ABA Journal.

B) Canada’s largest law firm is closing its doors. Above the Law.

C) The lawyer who came up with the “affluenza” defense is mad at the media for focusing on that. CNN.

D) That was fast. Police have arrested four people in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s overdose. People.

E) If you were on the fence about attending Wellesley College, its campus now features a creepy sculpture of a man in his underwear sleepwalking. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.5.14

A) If you get kicked out of law school, it does no good to stock up on firearms and send threatening emails to faculty. Above the Law.

B) One of the few ways that law school is like undergrad: worthless elective courses. ABA Journal.

C) Meet Harvard Law Review’s 128th president. The Harvard Crimson.

D) Vote for the best law firm website of 2014. You know…if you’re into that sort of thing. Lawyerist.

E) Forget the Oscars. These are the best pictures of the year. The Atlantic.