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Logical Reasonings / 8.20.14

U.S. News & World Report‘s tips for surviving law school. Much different than Bear Grylls‘s tips for surviving law school (Tip #1: eat spiders to save money on ramen). US News

Law grads feel practice-ready without practicing. But that’s how you get to Carnegie Hall! Above The Law

The case for undergraduate law degrees. My case against it: I’d be out of a job. Chronicle of Higher Education

‘Michael Jordan’ of court reporting suffers upset defeat in speed contest. Nike shelves plans for Air Court Reporter shoe line. Wall Street Journal

This SCOTUS haiku generator is addicting. Seriously, I’m jonesing for a hit of United States v. Murdock 23 26, 1931. Legal Geekery

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Apply to Law School Now? Better Slate Than Never

You may have seen the Slate article that made the rounds on social media last week with the catchy title “Apply to Law School Now!” The premise of the article is, not surprisingly, that if you’re considering law school you should apply now. Why? Because the number of people graduating from law school has decreased, meaning that there’s less competition for entry-level legal jobs; if employment numbers for recent graduates hold, the percentage of recent graduates who find full-time, long-term employment will increase. Slate does point out a couple caveats – namely, that not all JD programs are created equal – but concludes that, due to the general upward trend, it’s a good time to be applying to law school.

While other news outlets are a little more cautious in their optimism than Slate, Slate’s article is consistent with the good news that we’ve been hearing about law school for months.