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Law School Debt and the American Dream

I’m currently about 14k in the hole with student loans, which isn’t too bad, as far as such things go. It sucks to have to drop $200 every month, but I’m pretty sure there are about a billion people in China who don’t really give a crap, if you feel me. It’s like a really small albatross lightly gripping my neck.
If you go to law school, and you don’t get some financial aid, you can reasonably expect to graduate with about ten times that debt. It’s a scary thought, mildly assuaged by the idea that you’ll have access to a higher-salaried job market then the rest of us plebes. But still, I understand that it’s a little scary.
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Five Reasons to Get a Law Degree Despite the Economic Apocalypse

There is an awful lot of fear mongering out there right now- a record number of people taking the LSAT, more competition for increasingly expensive law school seats, and even unemployed law graduates going on hunger strikes. It’s enough to make a pre-law wonder, ”Is law school worth it?” Here are five reasons law school is a worthy investment during the economic apocalypse. 1. Law School Takes 3 Years: A lot can happen in three years. Just think of all that has happened in the last 3- Obama was elected, Justin Bieber was born, roughly 14 vampires movies were made. Yes, it’s not the best job market for law grads, but professional jobs are recovering faster than most. It’s still too early to say when the economy will fully recover, but legal careers are certainly not among the most threatened. Those taking the LSAT, applying, or starting law school this fall need not worry about the job market being as difficult as it is now.

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What if You Don’t Want to be a Lawyer?

What if you go to law school and decide that being a lawyer sounds about as pleasant as cleaning your fingernails with a bamboo shoot? A few weeks ago, Vault asked that question on their blog and got a couple of responses from lawyers who basically went that route: didn’t really know what they wanted to do out of college and went to law school. While the sample only includes two lawyers who went on to do work in publishing, this is an educational moment for all would-be lawyers out there. Everyone should prepare themselves for the idea that they might not enjoy large swaths of what they learn (and learn to do) in law school. Most of you are not wildly familiar with what law school entails, and it’s perfectly natural that aspects of it might not be what you want to do.

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Interview with a Lawyer: A Look at Legal Life

First, I’d just like to say that we own Algeria. Secondly, I’d like to say that watching a soccer game from a bar at 7 in the morning is as surreal an experience as you’ll find outside of a Wes Anderson film. Thirdly, I’d actually like to introduce you to the interview we’ve got below.

Odds are that you’re thinking about being a lawyer. You’ve either taken the LSAT or are going to take the LSAT, with the next step obviously being applying for law school.

Before you make the leap, however, it’s important to take a look at where you’ll be landing. Below is an interview we conducted with Joan Cotkin, a Los Angeles-based lawyer doing the kind of work many of you ostensibly hope to do. She gives a good peek at the kind of life you’ll be leading when you too are a lawyer.

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The Murky World and Worries of Summer Law Jobs

So you may have heard that there are some worries about the legal job market right now.  On the other hand, you may have locked yourself into your panic room at the first shudder of Bear Stearns (way back in the aughts) and are just now be stepping back out into the sun, blinking away tears, and stopping first at MSS.  If that’s the case, I advise you to round up some more freeze dried food and other necessities and relock that steel door.  For at least another half a decade.