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Is a 1L Law School Prep Class Worth It?

I’ll be heading off to law school in a few short months, and my mailbox certainly shows it. Over the last three months, I have received admissions responses from law schools (mostly acceptances, I am happy to report), followed by daily credit card offers, followed by a persistent bombardment of brochures from companies that would like me to take a class to learn how to succeed in law school. I was happy to hear back from law schools, and as far as the credit card offers go, if a brotha’ is going to take out a $60,000 loan, he might as well earn some frequent flyer miles when he buys his top ramen and SpaghettiOs; am I right?

Armed with some shiny acceptance packets and an even shinier line of credit, I now had to make sense of these “learn how to be a good law student” brochures.

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What Would They Score on the LSAT: Spider-Man Edition

If you’ve seen the posters for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then you may have read the tagline: “His Greatest Battle Begins.” Spoiler alert: Spidey’s battle is not the June LSAT.

But, and I know we’re on the same page here, what if it was? Surely the Law School Admission Test is as formidable an opponent as a Blue Man Group-styled Jaime Foxx. So let’s suspend our disbelief, like an audience pretending a 30-year-old Andrew Garfield is a high school student, and imagine the cast of characters from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to take the LSAT. How would they do? And why?

In my particular order, here are the results:

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Logical Reasonings / 10.21.13

A) Eventually, you may be interviewed by a law school admissions officer. Here’s how to crush it. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Don’t rule out becoming a law school professor. #Tenure Canadian Lawyer Mag.

C) There’s more (mostly negative) chatter about law reviews. New York Times.

D) France is mad at us. Uh-oh? Washington Post.

E) It’s Monday, but look on the bright side: pumpkin spice lattes are here! Huffington Post.

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What to Do Now That the October LSAT is Out of the Way

It’s time for everyone to take a collective sigh of relieve: The October LSAT is over. By most reports, it wasn’t particularly easy (though it was also pretty standard), so congrats on not passing out in the middle of it and cancelling your LSAT score (yes, there were reports of that happening).

For those of you prepping on the East Coast, you’ll be surprised to go outside and see the leaves changing colors. Yes, summer ended while you were buried under conditional statements, and fall is under way.

For those of you prepping on the West Coast, you’ll be completely unsurprised to go outside and see that it’s still perpetual summer. Enjoy your November tans while the rest of us start packing on that winter weight.

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Caption Contest: Free Law School Admission Workshop Entry

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s law school admission workshops are coming to a city near you! (You know, depending on where you live.)

Last month, Anna Ivey — former Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School and founder of Ivey Consulting — presented her workshop (titled “Get Into Law School by Learning How to Think Like an Admissions Officer”) in Los Angeles, Irvine and Berkeley. Starting Wednesday, Oct. 9, you can take part in workshops in New York, Boston, Chicago and San Diego — as well as return trips to Berkeley, Irvine and LA.

Each four-hour presentation will discuss the law school application process, how to formulate an amazing personal statement, the best way to deal with “dings” on your law school application (such as multiple LSAT scores), how to get great letters of recommendation, plus additional application information.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.10.13

A) It’s not just law school admission officers checking social media posts. Los Angeles Times.

B) When you become a lawyer, don’t wear jeans and sneakers to work. Especially in Romania. ABA Journal.

C) Negotiation is a crucial tool for every lawyer — not to mention your average FBI agent. Lawyerist.

D) George Zimmerman is in trouble with the law again. Washington Post.

E) Jimmy Kimmel strikes again. Huffington Post.

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Making Friends With Non-Traditional Law Students Pays Off

Today on the LSAT blog: a guest post by Law School Expert Ann Levine, the former director of admissions for two ABA-approved law schools and the author of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert and The Law School Decision Game: A Playbook for Prospective Lawyers.

You enter 1L Orientation and you look for someone to sit next to, hoping to strike up a friendship. Do you pick the guy your age in a baseball cap or the one who is 20 years older than you?

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting, face-to-face, one of my former clients who is a recent graduate of a law school consistently ranked in the Top 10. His post-bar trip with his wife brought him to Southern California, and my husband and I took them to brunch.

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Announcing Blueprint’s New Partnership with Ivey Consulting

Good news, future lawyers. Your journey to law school just got a whole lot smoother.

Blueprint LSAT Prep is proud to announce a new partnership with Anna Ivey Consulting that will see former University of Chicago Law School Dean of Admissions Anna Ivey and her team of experts handle our numerous law school application consulting packages.

This is especially good news for Blueprint LSAT Prep students because they score a special discount on every package. Plus, Blueprint LSAT Prep students can attend on of Anna Ivey’s three upcoming law school application workshops for only $200, as opposed to the normal $250 fee.

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Caption Contest Winners: The Law School Admission Game

We received some great submissions in last week’s caption contest for the photo above. You might say LSAT blog commenters really took the bull by the horns.


Anyway, after much consideration, we whittled it down to our five favorite captions. So congratulations to the five people below, each of whom has won a free copy of Law School Expert Ann Levine’s newly released second edition of The Law School Admission Game.

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

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Caption Contest: Win The Law School Admission Game

You can tell it’s summer because everyone is raving about the books they’re reading. Also, the United States is melting.

Well, if you’re looking for a new summer read — and you plan on attending law school — you’re in luck because here on the LSAT blog we’re giving away five free copies of Law school expert Ann Levine‘s latest book: The Law School Admission Game: Second Edition.

In the comments below, write a funny law school or LSAT-related caption for the above photo, and the five best ones of our choosing will win a free copy of The Law School Admission Game. To see what we’re looking for, check out the previous LSAT blog caption contest winners.

If you are applying to law school anytime soon, you’ll want to win one of these books.