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An Introduction to Law School Admissions

You want to be a lawyer. We want you to be a lawyer, and we can help. There are just a few teensy-weensy things you’ve got to do before you pull up to the courthouse in your Maserati and your ostrich leather, Louis Vuitton suit.

Like what? Well, first of all, you have to get into law school.

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5 Ways to Make Law School Adcom Fall in Love with You

What are admissions committees at top law schools looking for when reviewing applications? What sorts of qualities, skills, and experiences do they seek? What types of people do they want in their next law school class? And what can you do to highlight these sought-after characteristics?

How can you present yourself so that the law school adcoms are instantly smitten by your application?

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You are not (entirely) an LSAT score.

A few weeks ago, we published a post about Wake Forest’s attempt to start admitting students with GRE scores instead of LSAT scores. At the time, the motives behind the effort seemed at least somewhat suspect. Law schools are ranked, in large part, according to the LSAT scores of their admitted students, so by padding out their numbers with GRE-takers, a school could be more selective among its LSAT applicants, thus improving their numbers and climbing the rankings.

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An Introduction to the LSAT

If you’re perusing this blog, there’s a good chance you’re considering law school. Or maybe your heart has been set on law school since you took your first step. Or maybe you’re just doing some research for a friend or relative who may go to law school.

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A Brief Rundown of the Law School Admissions Timeline

“Tick-tock,” says the applications timeline clock. “Stop ticking,” says the law school applicant.

Today’s post is a rundown of when you should be doing what when it comes to applying for law school starting in Fall of 2017. (If you’re looking to start this coming Fall and have yet to get the ball rolling, this post is also for you, because you’re too late, bucko, and it’s Fall 2017 for you, also.)

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The Three Things You Must Do After Getting Your February Score

So, you got back your score from the February LSAT, and you didn’t tell any of your friends because there just isn’t any emoji that can properly convey the wounded surprise and bitter anguish you feel. Is it time to just pack in the whole law school thing and teach tap dance to orphans in Bangladesh? Should you check yourself into a nursing home 60 years early? Is life as we know it over?

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Logical Reasonings / 2.18.16

A. In a shocking development – by which we mean completely predictable – the quality of the incoming class at Yale between 2011 and 2015 did not diminish by any of the usual metrics, even though the quality of incoming students at most other schools dropped as the overall applicant pool shrank. JD Journal

B. Pope trolls Trump. Trump strikes back. Politico

C. If someone’s ever called you a Neanderthal, that person might not have been entirely wrong. (And, let’s be honest, you deserved it.) CBS News

D. It’s National Drink Wine Day. We thought that day was any day that ends in “y.” nationaldrinkwineday.org

E. In news of the idiotic and infuriating variety, a baby dolphin died when beachgoers pulled it from the water and paraded it around the beach to take selfies with it. The Telegraph

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Is the GRE the better law school gatekeeper?

The LSAT is a great, unholy gatekeeper. All ye unhappy law school applicants must stand before its judgment seat. Now, one school wants to open up an alternate, friendlier, less logic games-y route to the legal profession: the GRE.

Wake Forest University School of Law is considering letting some of its incoming students take the Graduate Records Examination (aka the GRE) instead of the LSAT.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.2.16

A. Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, America’s sauciest online LSAT course, is available as a monthly subscription. Get crackin’, cuz the June LSAT is this June (duh)! Blueprint LSAT Preparation
B. Polls leading up to caucus night consistently showed Trump comfortably ahead of Cruz. What happened? This: The New York Times
C. What do mindfulness and law school admissions have to do with one another? As much or as little as you choose. Above the Law
D. Whither Johnny Football? Perhaps Johnny Insurance Sales? Or Johnny Lawn Mower Repair? NFL.com
E. Two guys crammed into one outfit in order to get into a movie theater at half the cost. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t worth it for the guy inside the outfit. Bored Panda

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To LSAT, or not to LSAT. That is the question.

If you’ve been studying for the December LSAT, you are hopefully feeling ready and steady for Saturday’s test. But some of you are probably feeling less prepared than you’d like to be. What are your options? Should you hold off until February? Should you plan on taking the test in December and in February? Should you apply to law school this year as planned, or wait until Fall 2016?