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Logical Reasonings / 9.4.13

A) One law school admitted 22 percent more applicants this year. Question is, did it sacrifice its admission standards to do so? Above the Law.

B) New York Law School is jumping on the 2-year bandwagon. Crain’s.

C) When it comes to law school applications, you have to stand out in a pile. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons. Huffington Post.

D) Remember that Montana judge who dished out a 30-day sentence to the teacher who admitted to raping his student? Turns out that punishment was so light it might be illegal. USA Today.

E) A new skyscraper in London is reflecting sunlight and melting cars. That’s what we get for letting an ant be an architect. National Geographic.

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Making Friends With Non-Traditional Law Students Pays Off

Today on the LSAT blog: a guest post by Law School Expert Ann Levine, the former director of admissions for two ABA-approved law schools and the author of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert and The Law School Decision Game: A Playbook for Prospective Lawyers.

You enter 1L Orientation and you look for someone to sit next to, hoping to strike up a friendship. Do you pick the guy your age in a baseball cap or the one who is 20 years older than you?

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting, face-to-face, one of my former clients who is a recent graduate of a law school consistently ranked in the Top 10. His post-bar trip with his wife brought him to Southern California, and my husband and I took them to brunch.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.15.13

A) As we’ve been saying for a while, lower law school applicant numbers translates to more financial aid. CNN.

B) Even in the legal job market, there’s something to take advantage of. Wall Street Journal.

C) If you’ve followed all the recent law school résumé talk on the LSAT blog, you might be interested in the “shadow résumé.” Slate.

D) Drama in the art world, y’all. CNN.

E) Everyone loves optical illusions, but hates soccer. Time to compromise. Business Insider.

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Caption Contest: Win a Free Copy of Ann Levine’s New Book

Law school expert Ann Levine has released the second edition of her fantastic pre-law book, The Law School Admission Game. As if the first edition weren’t insightful enough, Levine has returned with an updated and expanded version of the Amazon best-seller she first released in 2009.

Due to the changing law school admissions landscape, Levine has updated the book’s chapters on personal statements, optional essays, explaining your weaknesses, and even LSAT prep. The book also includes expanded information on résumés and addenda. Luckily, select contributions from Blueprint LSAT Prep in the first edition made it to the second edition. There’s even the following quote from Blueprint LSAT Prep co-founder Matt Riley splashed right on the cover:

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Logical Reasonings / 6.18.13

A) Blueprint LSAT Prep instructor and LSAT blog contributor Laura Santoski will host an AMA on Reddit tomorrow to answer your LSAT and law school questions. Most Strongly Supported.

B) Even if there’s drool on their personal statement, babies make good law school applicants. Above the Law.

C) If you ever steal a credit card, don’t pose with it in a photo booth. Lowering the Bar.

D) Maybe Vladimir Putin will change his mind on Syria, after all. Guardian.

E) Have you noticed Leonardo DiCaprio seems to play the same character in a lot of movies? It’s because he does. Huffington Post.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.7.13

A) A federal panel wants to know about law school data. Can’t they just read the law schools’ emails? Inside Higher Ed.

B) Law school applicant numbers are down again. That’s good news for your admission chances, right? The Careerist.

C) For lawyers, negotiating is an art. And just like all art, there’s much to discuss about it. Lawyerist.

D) It’s important to shine a big smile in your yearbook photo. A small wag of your tail can’t hurt, either. Huffington Post.

E) The 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is underway, and the early entries are pretty darn stunning. The Atlantic.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.29.13

A) We’ve been saying it for months: Take advantage of the shrinking law school applicant pool. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) The first athlete in one of the four major American sports has revealed he’s gay. Here’s why. Sports Illustrated.

C) There’s some “ugly stuff” that’s going to come out in the Michael Jackson death trial. One guess: Nose x-rays. CNN.

D) People in New York are getting their dogs tattoos. Great. Now even poodles are more intimidating than I am. DNA Info.

E) There were plenty of highlights from this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, but this is the one most people are talking about. The Guardian.

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Law School Admissions Trend to Watch For: Lower Tuition

It was only a matter of time before a law school did it, and Arizona decided to be the trailblazer.

After years of falling application numbers, a law school finally cut its tuition.

Many law schools have frozen increases, and other have upped their scholarship offers, but no one has taken the step of lowering tuition — all in the face of far-above-inflation tuition raises over the past decade coupled with a decline in law school applicants.

At the University of Arizona, tuition will drop 11% in-state and 8% non-residents, bringing the tuition to $24,381 and $38,841, respectively. Completely reasonable.

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What Shrinking Class Sizes Mean For Law School Applicants

There are many ways law school admission deans are dealing with declining applicant numbers. Some find themselves weeping uncontrollably at MasterCard commercials. Others have turned to the bottle. And, finally, a few are deciding to decrease the number of admitted applicants.

The most recent of these is Loyola Chicago, following close behind Northwestern, it’s more prestigious neighbor. Both announced a 10% reduction in their incoming class sizes, citing the smaller law school applicant pool and the shifting legal market.

I, for one, applaud these law schools for taking the initiative. While I’m sure their motivations are less than magnanimous (after all, it’s a lot easier to maintain your medians when you’re admitting significantly fewer students), it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Your LSAT and Law School Timelines (Should) Start Today

Today we have a guest post from Anna Ivey, founder of Ivey Consulting.

What’s the ideal LSAT timeline? Your mileage may vary, and your LSAT instructor will be able to give you advice customized to your individual situation. But in a perfect world, here’s how I like to work backwards from the end goal:

Plan to submit your law school applications in early November (or even sooner, but early November is plenty early). In order to maximize the time you have on your applications, and to let your brain focus on — and master — one thing at a time, that November law school application submission date means I like to see people take the LSAT the February before that.