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Logical Reasonings / 3.20.13

A) Check out the submissions in our video contest and vote on your favorite one to win a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Facebook.

B) Don’t kid yourself. Law schools are still being a little sneaky. Fortune.

C) If you could create the prefect law school applicant, this is what he or she would look like. Business Insider.

D) Congress is suddenly worried about asteroids. NBC News.

E) Here is a summary of human relationships, courtesy of an ice cream cone at a basketball game. Los Angeles Times

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5 Tips for Nailing that Law School Admissions Interview

You made it through the LSAT. You asked for letters of recommendation. You even summarized your entire life on a single page (your résumé) before being given two pages (double-spaced) to convince the school that you’re interested in law (personal statement).

And if that wasn’t bad enough, they now want to interview you.

As the number of people applying for law schools decreases, many law schools are adding interviews to the application process. Fewer law school applicants makes this both logistically possible and important to creating a well-rounded class, instead of just taking anyone with a high academic index (the combination of your LSAT score and GPA) and a semi-interesting tale to weave.

Harvard, Chicago, and Georgetown all require interviews.

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2014 US News & World Report Law School Rankings Out Now

Like the rings of a tree, the release of a new set of US News & World Report law school rankings marks the passing of another year. One day, they’ll accept my offer to produce an awards show akin to the Oscars, handing out Validys to the winners (think an Oscar-like statue that resembles Aristotle) and Testies to the losers (it’s best not to think about what that one will look like).

Until then, I’ll have to settle with writing an article for the LSAT blog each year, analyzing the rise and fall of different law schools, and the trends present in the rankings.

First, the US News & World Report law school rankings themselves:


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Logical Reasonings / 1.28.13

A) Law school applications are down 20 percent from last year. In other words, apply now. National Law Journal.

B) The continuing decline in law school applicants should be a wake-up call to deans. Above the Law.

C) Chris Brown is at it again. At least this time he punched a man. CNN.

D) Iran launched a monkey into space. Take that, North Korea and us. Newser.

E) Good luck spending less than nine hours on this site. The Useless Web.

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Number of December LSAT Test Takers Dropped Again

The numbers are out, and a losing streak longer than even the Kansas City Chiefs managed this season continued: last December’s LSAT marked the ninth consecutive LSAT administration for which numbers were down from the previous year. 30,226 law school hopefuls took the 2012 December LSAT. That’s down 15.6% from December 2011 and down 40.1% from the December LSAT’s peak of 50,444 in 2009. All of this is largely because of bad press about the legal job market that newly minted lawyers have faced in the past few years.

The precipitous decline in LSAT test takers shows no signs of abating, at least in terms of percentages (there’ll be no percentages vs. numbers fallacies in this LSAT blog post). If you’re looking to go to law school, fewer people taking the LSAT correlates to fewer law school applicants.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.31.12

A) Get a step ahead and read 30 selected books that every lawyer should read. ABA Journal.

B) It’s not just President Barack Obama and Congress that are keeping busy over the fiscal cliff, so are some lawyers who are trying to push through some big deals. The American Lawyer.

C) Watch out law school applicants, law schools google you and look at your Facebook page. The National Jurist.

D) A fiscal deal is in sight, but there is not an agreed upon solution yet. Time.

E) Forty-five incredibly powerful photos of 2012. As a warning, some of them are heartbreaking. BuzzFeed.

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LSAT Test-Takers Disappear Again: What’s it Mean for You?

Jeff Baisley grew up dreaming of the big leagues. And in 2005, that dream (sort of) came true.

Named MVP in 2006 while playing for the Kane County Cougars, Jeff drove in 110 runs and hit 22 homers. Three of them were in the same game.

And if everyone who sat out this year’s October LSAT (compared to last year) were there to witness his amazing feat, you could have filled the stadium.

7,389 fewer people sat for the October LSAT this past month than did the year before. Literally enough to fill a baseball stadium.

Let that sink in.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.13.12

A) Here are the five qualities every law school applicant should have. Though four out of five ain’t bad. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Curious how newly appointed vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan feels about law? Here ya go. Wall Street Journal.

C) Better stock up on the black and white paint, courtroom sketch artists. The Insane Clown Posse wants to sue the FBI. Above the Law.

D) You may not know what pumice is (I didn’t), but 10,000 square miles of it was found floating in the South Pacific Ocean. CNN.

E) Did you know Shark Week started as an idea on the back of a cocktail napkin? Yep, right under a crossed-out “Seahorse Month.” The Atlantic.