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LSAC’s Website Issues Affect Law School Deadlines

UPDATE: LSAC tweeted that law schools with a March 1 deadline are extending it. Also, LSAC said the website is not “down,” but you just need to keep trying and should send in applications when you can.

UPDATE: Penn Law announced that it has extended its application deadline to March 8.

Did LSAC forget to renew its domain registration?

If you tried accessing LSAC’s website in the past couple days, you likely ran into some trouble. Most attempts lead to a separate, cheap-looking domain registration site. There was some decent clip art (businesswoman on the phone, a gavel), but no info on the Law School Admission Council. While a small hiccup like this usually wouldn’t be an issue, many people were less than pleased (see below).

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Hurry Up and Turn In Your Law School Applications

November is a big month, no matter how you measure it (well, except for number of days, where it’s slightly below average). You have Thanksgiving, which, as I’ve discussed before, is a bit of a bastard holiday. You have National Novel Writing Month, where the next generation of bad novels are completed in less time than it takes the LSAC to get you your LSAT score. And you have Movember, the epic struggle of men across the country to grow a moustache without giving in to the inevitable ridicule of their friends and associates.

And, finally, you have the unofficial deadline for getting your applications in to law schools “early.”