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Logical Reasonings / 8.9.13

A) Know what’s better than a JD with law school debt? A JD with no law school debt. Politico.

B) The Southern California Institute of Law says bar passage rates don’t mean nothin’ (paraphrase). Wall Street Journal.

C) The hostage situation that started earlier this week in San Diego has made its way to Idaho. USA Today.

D) Amanda Bynes (27) is now under the legal custody of her mom. Newser.

E) Watch out for scams. The trendiest one right now: The “Let’s Have Sex on a Pile of Money” scam. Consumerist.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.18.13

A) People who diss law school are forgetting $omething. Washington Post.

B) Joint degrees. Who needs ’em? No, really. Who needs joint degrees? Above the Law.

C) Hope Detroit isn’t expecting any of its law school debt to be discharged in its bankruptcy. National Law Journal.

D) Yeah, that’s right. Detroit filed for bankruptcy. NBC News.

E) The British Open just started today, and there’s already been a hole in one (camera). For the Win.

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Advice on Advice: Where to Get Info on Law School Loans

I’ve previously discussed law school debt on the LSAT blog from the viewpoint of those who have already taken it out and are living with the consequences, in a vain attempt to convince a few of you that it’s not the best idea. So go back and read those, if you haven’t already.

Done? Good.

If you’re still set on financing law school with student loans (and I’m sure 99% of those who are reading this are in that boat), it’s important to be well-informed as to what you’re signing up for. The above links will show you what life’s like living under that much debt, but it doesn’t give you a lot of information about the nuts-and-bolts of the process.

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The Lowdown on LRAP: Magical Law School Debt Reliever?

Loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) are magic wands that make debt disappear for students who are good-hearted enough to enter public service. Sure, you’re earning a quarter of what your classmates are making, but you’re making the world a better place, and karma repays you for that. With your loan repayment, you get a unicorn to ride to work and a lifetime’s supply of free candy canes. Oh, and you officially get to celebrate your half-birthday, which means more presents!

There are many students who enter law school every year with dreams of entering public service after they graduate. The salaries aren’t nearly as high as those in the private sector; your loans, however, will be. So how do most students expect to cover the gap?

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Logical Reasonings / 4.22.13

A) These days, LSAT prep and law school admissions can be tough to juggle. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) If you’re worried about law school debt, just make sure you get hired by this law firm that’ll cover it. Business Insider.

C) If you’re interested in law, you’re probably wondering what are the next legal moves for the surviving Boston Marathon bomber. Here you go. NPR.

D) Looks like Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde experience is going to come in handy. CNN.

E) Did you read that insane sorority email from last week? Michael Shannon did. Funny or Die.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.29.13

A) Among the steps to prepare for law school debt: Don’t bank on loan forgiveness. US News and World Report.

B) Not everyone’s a fan of law schools hiring their own graduates, but it’s not such a bad thing. Above the Law.

C) Once you become a lawyer, make sure your finances are in order. New York Times.

D) These photos of old people seeing reflections of their younger selves will get ya thinkin’. Design Taxi.

E) Happy Easter, everyone (especially children who are easily scared). Happy Place.

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Survey II: Pre-Law Students Ready to Foot the Law School Bill

As many of you know, Blueprint LSAT Prep recently surveyed a large number of potential law students about their views on legal education and expectations of their futures. We first wrote on the application process and how recent trends match up with student’s views.

This week, we’re going to look at how much it actually costs to go to law school, and what that means long-term during a legal career/life of a student loan.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.30.12

A) Before President Obama broke Reddit yesterday, he answered a question about law school debt. Business Insider.

B) She went from homeless to law school to a tax attorney for the Philadelphia Law Department. Huffington Post.

C) An American journalist and Georgetown law student is reportedly being held captive in Syria. Washington Post.

D) Harvard is investigating a cheating ring that involves only 125 undergrads. Bloomberg.

E) We here at Blueprint LSAT Prep are big fans of Honey Boo Boo Child. If you are too, you’ll dig this. Honey Boo Boo Name Generator.

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Ways to Pay Off Law School Debt (Other than a 6-Figure Job)

Everyone knows that unless you have a big scholarship or very generous (rich) parents, you’re more or less bound to end up with some serious debt after law school. This sad truth pushes many idealistic law students, who would perhaps otherwise work in the public sector or in public interest, into high-paying corporate jobs.

While this may be upsetting to the bleeding hearts among us, it is actually a fairly positive outcome: We should be happy for those young idealists who, despite losing their values, actually get good jobs. For everybody also knows that job prospects for law school graduates are downright abysmal these days, and many students are ending up underemployed or without a job entirely.

I’ve listed a few ways for graduates to help pay off their law school debt, aside from landing a six-figure Big Law job.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.8.12

A) Hmm. Some law schools want to change their tuition figures for US News & World Report. Wall Street Journal.

B) This New York University law student has resorted to post signs to help pay off his law school debt. Village Voice.

C) Randy Travis almost has more mugshots than Grammys. CNN.

D) It was pretty hot in July, huh? Only the hottest month in US history. New York Times.

E) Famous album covers recreated with socks, please. The Sock Covers.