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Logical Reasonings / 5.4.12

A) Law School Transparency screwed up its recent findings about law school debt. It’s actually much worse. National Law Journal.

B) NYU Law School has invited blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng to be a visiting scholar. DNAinfo.

C) Why bust out of jail when you can just flee the courtroom? KCRA.

D) Celebrate May the Fourth Be With You the right way: By not watching the latest three Star Wars installments. EW.

E) Nothing funny for E on Logical Reasonings today. Instead, a tribute to the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch. RIP MCA. Huffington Post.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.18.12

A) LSAC has raised LSAT testing fees 15 percent, in case you haven’t frowned yet today. National Law Journal.

B) Is it okay to put down deposits at multiple law schools? Good question. Anna Ivey.

C) Putting things into perspective is important, especially when that thing is $100,000 in law school debt. Lawyerist.

D) Producers are suing each other over Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom before it’s even had a chance to get cancelled. TMZ.

E) There are a lot of terrible things in the world. Here are all 21 of them. BuzzFeed.

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Handling Law School Debt II: A Conversation

Last week, I gave you some of my own advice about taking on large amounts of debt for law school.

This week, I interviewed some acquaintances who are currently working full time as lawyers at Big Law firms to see how the amount of debt they assumed to attend law school is affecting their lives, post-graduation. You should treat each of these stories as a best-case scenario; they were all employed at graduation in a large market, at firms that paid at the top of the salary band.

You should also view the responses through a lens of the selection bias finding these lawyers entailed – I posted a query on Facebook, so the responses I received were most likely from those who had strong feelings about the student loan situation.

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The Key to Handling Law School Debt: Make it Worth it

There are a lot of studies done in social psychology that analyze the way that we analyze risk. They’re pretty interesting if you’re into that kind of thing; if you’re not, I’ll cut through all the charts and control groups for you. One of the underlying discoveries is that people can’t legitimately conceive of the risk of things that are very likely to happen and very unlikely to happen, so we compress those things to be much closer to our average idea of ‘risk’ than they actually are. For instance, you’re very, very unlikely to die by being struck by a meteor; however, the chance is so astronomically (see what I did there?) small that almost everyone thinks it’s much more likely than the reality because we just don’t have a strong grasp of how uncommon it is.

The same goes for money, especially when you’re 21 years old and looking down a barrel at that $160K of law school debt. It’s a lot of money, but most people don’t realize exactly how much it is.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.1.12

A) The Varsity News has some advice for anyone taking the February LSAT on the ninth. They might want to add one more: LSAT test day is February 11. The Varsity News.

B) You think law school debt sucks? Wait’ll the sequel. Student Loan Ranger.

C) Looks like more law school graduates are suing their schools because they can’t find a job and their coffee was too hot. Bloomberg.

D) Someone got busted for inflating SAT scores. Typical SAT — copying everything the LSAT does. City Town Info.

E) You can lead a horse to water, but can you draw him once he gets there? Voiceable.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.22.11

A) “Let’s Kill All the Law Students.” That is what you call a headline teaser. Huffington Post.

B) Here are some reactions to a Logical Reasonings post concerning Penn State’s law school offering a fee waiver. Above the Law.

C) Here’s a unique suggestion to fix the state of the current legal marketplace: Quit hiring Harvard Law grads. The Atlantic.

D) If you’re into law school debt data, this chart-filled article is basically pornography. Am Law Daily.

E) Even Sir Mix-a-Lot wouldn’t be cool with a cement butt. Yes, a cement butt. Social Hype.