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Heed Caution When Scouring Law School Discussion Boards

Like most Blueprint LSAT Prep instructors, I did not originally sign up for the LSAT just for kicks or because I have a deep love of standardized testing. When I enrolled in my own Blueprint LSAT Prep class, I intended to apply to law school that fall.

In a turn of events that my students find appalling, I ended up getting a 178 LSAT score after taking a Blueprint LSAT Prep course — but decided not to apply to law school after all. But I’m not writing this post to brag about my LSAT score (or not primarily for that reason, anyway). Instead, having once been in your shoes, I want to discuss an ailment that afflicts some people who are applying to law school.

Let’s call it “forum frenzy.”

Perhaps you’ll recognize the symptoms.

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Love, Liquor and Lockers: A Law School Discussion

As the October LSAT approaches, you’ve no doubt spent some of your increasingly rare spare time daydreaming about what law school is going to be like. How much reading do I actually have to do? Are professors really as mean as the guy in the The Paper Chase? Will I develop an uncontrollable addiction to caffeine?

In my experience, the answers are (respectively): “Lots,” “No” and “Probably.”

These questions are law school discussion standard. I’m here to relate some less-standard information. In this law school discussion, I’ll let you know just how law school life compares to life at your previous educational institutions:

Law School Discussion Topic #1: Lockers