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What Happens Now if You Applied to Law School Early

For those of you who applied regular decision, I’d skip today’s blog post. You’re either going to get jealous of the Early Action/Decision people I’m talking to today, or you’re going to enjoy it on a schaudenfreude level that will only result in later feelings of guilt (don’t worry, law school will cure you of that).

To everyone who applied EA/ED, you should know shortly whether you’re in or you’re, well, not quite out yet.


Congratulations! If you applied through a binding ED program, your future is all set. Get your seat deposit in, send in your transcript after graduation, but mostly just enjoy the rest of your senior year on a completely non-scholastic level.

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Breaking Down Law School Early Decision and Early Action

For all you early birds, there’s still time to apply for law school early admissions. That is, of course, if the schools to which you’re applying accept early applications. If you intended to use your October LSAT score, you should have already checked to see if this was a possibility. And if you haven’t investigated but are interested, you’re in luck.

The first step you need to take is to check out this spreadsheet courtesy of US News & World Report, which lists its top 100 law schools and whether or not the schools accept early decision or early action, their deadline for early applications, an estimated decision date and extra notes. Obviously, you’ll want to double check if the information is current once a school catches your eye.

Now the question is, what the hell does all that mean?