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Taking Time Off Before Law School Can Be a Win-Win

It’s all doom and gloom when talking about the current state of the legal market. New hires are down. Law school graduates are up. Instead of law firms, people are working at Starbucks (maybe they can start a new “Coffee and legal Consultation” promo).

People always give advice on how to get that nice, cushy, Big Law job after graduation. Get straight A’s (which is hard with law school grading being so capricious). Go to a top school. Earn a spot on law review.

All good advice, even if significantly easier said than done.

But what if I told you there’s something you can do right now that would increase your chances of landing a job after graduation almost as much as anything else?

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Where You’ll Be a Year From Now in Law School

For those of you who know you are going to law school in Fall 2012, this time next year will look and feel very different than it does now. Some of you are wondering where you’ll be accepted. Others of you are figuring out where you’re going to attend. Whichever type of stress you happen to be under at the moment, I can guarantee that it’ll be a completely different flavor of salsa next year (Confession: I didn’t want to use “ball of wax”).

Why the alteration? One word: grades. To be more specific, the grades that everyone will tell you are the most important of law school. 1L grades. Why are they so important? Firstly, this initial set of grades will play a major role in the type of employment you can expect to find in the summer between your 1L and 2L years (fair or not).

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Help Yourself During Your First Law School Finals

Alright, my little 1Ls, it’s time for you to get some blog post love. So let’s forget about the LSAT for a week (as you did long ago) and talk about the first law school finals you’ll ever take — the ones that have no doubt already begun to plague your thoughts and dreams (errr…nightmares?).

You’ve already heard enough about how important they are to motivate you to study hard. And if you’re not motivated then you probably chose the wrong course of study. But why are 1L grades so important? Put simply, they can put you on easy street if you do extremely well.

After you do whatever it is you’re going to do during the summer after your 1L year, you are going to return to law school as a 2L and be greeted by a gaggle of law firm recruiters.

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NY Times: Law School Grade Inflation and What it Means

We (and by “we” I mean “Colin”) reported a while ago that Loyola Law School was in the process of artificially inflating its grades to ostensibly put Loyola grads on a more even playing field than they had been previously (apparently Loyola averaged grades to a mean that was far below the mean at other schools). We posited that, instead, the powers that be at Loyola were actually looking to give their students a better chance at employment survival in the face of a broken economy. Because we like to take advantage of any time we can appeal to authority while also flexing our confirmation bias, The Paper of Record has given us a little validation.