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Analyzing ‘Top 10 Law Schools For Career Prospects’

Most people who want to go to law school want to become a lawyer. That’s probably a safe bet. Plus, law school can leave you with a lot of debt to pay off. It’s therefore important to consider employment statistics carefully as you choose a law school. Writing for Forbes, Susan Adams recently took a look at the top 10 law schools for career prospects, as ranked by the Princeton Review guide, The Best 173 Law Schools.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.24.13

A) A law school dean whose writing you may have read is being sued for retaliating over sexual harassment claims. ABA Journal.

B) In other controversial law school news, this one wants to ban gay students. Above the Law.

C) A Texas judge is guilty of texting an assistant DA during a trial. Tech Dirt.

D) The JonBenet Ramsey case (aka The Trial That Never Ends) is back in the news. CNN.

E) Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. In fact, don’t trust any of it. Except this. Mental Floss.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.27.11

A) Law school in a fury about rejected accreditation sued ABA. Courthouse News Service.

B) Women are gearing up for a fight, and challenging certain policies of the military. Time.

C) Obama’s administration blocks South Carolina voter ID law (S.C. law interpreted as a ‘voter suppression’ effort). Thomson Reuters.

D) The Supreme Court and its super busy 2012 schedule, of course including the controversial healthcare law. Wall Street Journal.

E) Ranging from appalling to distinguished…the nominees for ATL’s lawyer of the year are… Above the Law.

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University of Illinois Law School in Hot Water (Again)

Illinois is a troubled state. In July, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was convicted of corruption for selling Barack Obama’s vacated senate seat. He will be the fourth Illinois governor in 35 years to go to prison. The fourth. And that doesn’t count the plethora of other politicians who brushed up against the law without being imprisoned.

So perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise to an Illinois-jaded public that the University of Illinois Law School is dealing with its share of negative publicity, as well. The Chicago Tribune reports that the school is conducting an internal investigation into whether the school inflated LSAT test scores and GPA’s under Dean Paul Pless.

If this sounds familiar to you, there’s good reason.