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Logical Reasonings / 7.6.15

A) Looking for some summer reading material? Check out this law professor’s list of recommended reading for students entering law school. Washington Post

B) The ABA keeps accrediting law schools, people keep talking about whether some schools should be closed, and the world keeps turning. Bloomberg

C) From law student to… EDM legend? NextShark

D) More and more companies are saying “you’re fired” to Donald Trump. ABC

E) After 97 years, the name “Elsa” is back on the list of top 500 most popular baby names. Thanks, Frozen. The Sky Times

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Logical Reasonings / 12.21.11

A) Even law school readings won’t prepare you to review 65 million documents for one case. Above the Law.

B) Correlation and causation get confused again, this time in the realm of marriage. Shine.

C) Lincoln Memorial University’s new law school is still struggling to get ABA approval.
The Chronicle

D) A former law professor supports jury nullification — at least in cases concerning marijuana. ABA Journal.

E) Seventeen movies to get excited for in 2012 (Breaking Dawn Part 2 unfortunately didn’t make the cut). The Atlantic.