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Logical Reasonings / 3.5.15

A) It’s officially law school ranking season. Here are the top 10 schools for “Value and Quality of Education” and “Job Accessibility.” Make of that corporate-speak what you will. Above the Law

B) A new podcast for prospective and current law students shows what legal life is really like. US News and World Report

C) One of the T14 law schools has a new dean… Click to end the mystery. jdMission

D) The State Department is reviewing Hillary Clinton’s e-mails for public release. Let’s see how many times she used the word shitstorm. Wall Street Journal

E) Seth Meyers explains teen slang (and giggles). Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 12.3.14

ATL deconstructs a survey of prospective law students. (Deconstruct is a code word for “mocks.”) Above The Law

How to tackle the “Why X School” question on your law school applications. Girl’s Guide to Law School

The current state of law schools might reflect the dental school bubble in the 1980s. Slate

If you’ve ever wanted to see a pro football player live-tweet jury duty… well, you have weird wants. But here it is. Talking Points Memo

“Gangnam Style” just got more views than Youtube has the capability to count, which actually reveals a potentially fundamental problem in the way computers work. Way to go, Psy. Washington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 9.26.14

A Yale undergrad offers her thoughts on tomorrow’s (!) LSAT. Yale Daily News

Five reasons law school is hard. Only five? About.com

Good news for those of you are totally bonkers: a loose screw might actually help your law career. Above the Law

Here’s a Google Chrome add-on that could very well become essential for law students. Bestlaw

8 normal activities that become bone-chillingly weird with eye contact. College Humor


Logical Reasonings / 8.5.14

Alabama judge smacks down abortion ban. Not that you were ever going to Alabama, anyway. New York Times

Law students get in on intellectual property boom. Suck on that, bar exam. Wall Street Journal

Brits reject Government porn filter. Let’s get randy, baby. Forbes

LSAT Cribs: Entertainment lawyer sells $5.3 million pad. Above The Law

Life finds a way… to set Jeff Goldblum up for this awesome Jurassic Park wedding photo. Huffington Post

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor: Why I’m Going to Law School

Yuko Sin is an instructor and blogger for Blueprint LSAT Prep. He is starting at Columbia Law School this fall, and will be writing a series of law school-related posts about his experiences. Stay tuned!

There are about 300 law schools in the United States, and getting into at least one of them is pretty easy. But, for many, going to law school is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.

Still, going to law school can also be a good idea. I’ll tell you how I made my choice to go, and I’ll share some links to help you decide whether law school is right for you.

The Personal Reasons: Why Law?

In 2006, near the height of the law school boom, I went into my undergrad thinking I’d continue on to law school out of some vague ideas about a proclivity for writing and debate in high school.

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3 Supreme Court Rulings That Should Interest Future Lawyers

The Supreme Court is set to rule on a slew of big cases this week before ending its current term. Because these rulings—and the justices’ accompanying opinions—represent the most influential and important issues in the legal world, prospective law students would benefit from understanding the matters at hand. This time around, the court is addressing issues related to privacy laws, executive power, and more. This post will summarize several of these cases and describe their ramifications.

1) ABC v. Aereo

For context, Aereo is a television streaming service that allows subscribers to watch live, broadcast television on their computers, tablets, smart phones, and similar devices through the use of a small antenna.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.26.14

A) Not every law school professor is a fan of the Socratic Method. Above the Law.

B) When Slate says you should go to law school now, you can bet there’s going to be some reaction. Wall Street Journal.

C) Law students played a big part in the Supreme Court’s ruling this week against cell phone monitoring. USA Today.

D) Two men in New York won the lottery but discarded the ticket. Of course, now they’re suing the lottery. ABA Journal.

E) Missed all the goals in the World Cup? This visualization’s got you covered. Ejoh.se.

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Logical Reasonings / 5.9.14

A) Moody’s is about to put a lot of law schools in a bad mood. ABA Journal.

B) Separation of church and state? Pfft. One Supreme Court Justice says each state should have its own official religion. Wall Street Journal.

C) Cheers, law students! No, wait. Put down the booze. Above the Law.

D) Dr. Dre just became a very rich doctor. CNN.

E) Are you ready for the truth about Mother’s Day — other than the fact that it’s on Sunday? Huffington Post.

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What the Heck’s Going on at Oregon Law School?

If there’s a golden rule for the internet, it’s that you don’t tweet, post, or email anything that you wouldn’t want made public. Law professor Robert Illig, it seems, did not get the memo on that.

Illig, an associate law professor at the University of Oregon, made headlines last week when his email diatribes to his fellow faculty members were leaked to online news outlets. In a nutshell, Illig was furious about a proposed initiative to cancel faculty raises — i.e., his raise — and divert the money to a job placement fellowship program for recent graduates. So furious was Illig that he wrote not one, but two nasty emails. Illig had some choice words for his colleagues and administrators:

No wonder we’ve become a third-tier law school. Who’s going to want to come here to study or teach in this kind of poisonous atmosphere? . . . Is this some kind of faculty version of white-man’s guilt?