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A Primer on Gun Law

Since last weekend’s horrible shooting in Orlando, gun law has been in the news. Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut even led a 15-hour filibuster to seek new gun control measures. So we figured this would be a good time to look at gun law in our ongoing series on different areas of the law.

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Can legal regulations prevent Judgment Day?

First, let me clear up the click bait headline. When I say “Judgment Day,” I’m talking about the idea, most prominently popularized in the Terminator movies, that machines will rise up and enslave or annihilate the human race. We’ll leave the Revelation stuff alone for now — and, as least as far as this blog is concerned probably for all time.

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Hey, you can’t say that!

Alright, kiddos. Today we’re gonna do something a little different. We’ve been running a regular series on different areas of legal practice such as cyber law and space law. Since many of our beloved readers are aspiring lawyers, this can be helpful.

But there are areas of law big enough for their own professions, and then there are corners of the law that are interesting in their own right, but that don’t really rise to the level of an area of practice like entertainment law or animal rights law.

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Pro Stone-o: The Burgeoning Marijuana Legal Field

I typically break some unhappy news to my students on the first day of the course. I teach in the Bay Area, after all, so the matter is highly pertinent.

“…and, yes, I do recommend you lay off your sticky green habits while studying for the LSAT.”

I’m not really in a position to pile invective on such recreation. But, as I always tell my students, it’s probably safe to say that you’re not doing your short-term memory or your assiduity any favors when you’re toking regularly.

But as some of my recent students have delighted in pointing out, there is an important intersection between marijuana and the law, and it’s growing rapidly.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.15.15

A) A high LSAT score has never been more in demand: “Around 5,400 people with the highest scores will enroll in law school this year, down from 9,400 in 2010 [while] some 8,700 low-scoring students will likely start law school in 2015, up from 7,000 in 2010.” Bloomberg

B) Amal Clooney’s Columbia Law students are under something of a gag order about her class. Above the Law

C) Now’s the time to start buying .law web domains. ABA Journal

D) This math problem from Singapore is driving the internet crazy, and may remind you of some of the more nightmarish Logic Games you’ve practiced with. New York Times

E) If you saw Dennis Quaid’s freak out video yesterday, it’s… not what you think it is. Slate

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Logical Reasonings / 3.6.15

Alabama’s Supreme Court just became the first in the nation to challenge a federal court order allowing same-sex marriage. The Huffington Post

Here’s an updated timeline of all the rules Mrs. Clinton ignored in regards to her emails. ABC

The future of Obamacare may be decided today, as the nine justices of the Supreme Court will meet privately meet to discuss how they intend to vote. The Huffington Post

A new video of the Boston Marathon bombings was shown to jurors, along with testimony of some of the survivors. CNN

Would it really be that bad to have a bunch of cute stoned bunnies hopping around everywhere you went? The Washington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 2.10.15

A) A Berkeley law student advises you to consider how much you enjoyed high school before applying to law school. Daily Californian

B) Law School Toolbox‘s Allison Monahan joins Lawyerist’s podcast to discuss what success means in law school. Lawyerist

C) Learn to be a good law student from an elementary school teacher: limit distractions and foster energy. And don’t pick your nose (in public). Ms. JD

D) Updating yesterday’s post: Katy Perry’s lawyers still say she has a trademark on Left Shark. But can anyone truly own a miracle? Mashable

E) “The Cave Church of Garbage City” sounds insulting, but it’s actually both technically correct and exceedingly impressive. Slate

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Logical Reasonings / 11.25.14

Man, oh man. Last night’s announcement of the Ferguson grand jury decision and its ensuing fallout have been rough on many levels. Without rendering judgment or getting into personal politics, here are some thoughts from relevant corners of the internet…

Prosecutors release Ferguson grand jury evidence. Wall Street Journal

A mock cross-examination of Darren Wilson’s testimony. Above the Law

How a quiet vigil for Michael Brown turned to a night of rage. Slate

Op-Ed: The Meaning of the Ferguson Riots. New York Times

And if you’re tired of feeling angry and sad, the 85 funniest tweets ever. Finally, Buzzfeed is good for something. Buzzfeed

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Logical Reasonings / 7.31.14

A) Warning: You might fall in love with law school. Gawker.

B) Apprenticeships shmapprenticeships. Law school teaches you all you need to know. New York Times.

C) Don’t ever cheat a law student out of free pizza. Huffington Post.

D) Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is coming back for another season. Yahoo! News.

E) Brian has a confession to make: He didn’t really win the internet. Clickhole.