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Logical Reasonings / 1.2.15

A) LSAC released LSAT scores on New Year’s Day. As if your hangover wasn’t bad enough… Check out waiter reactions here. Top-Law-Schools

B) The Department of Education says that Harvard Law violated Title IX by breaking a sexual assault law. Oy. Quartz

C) If you’ve just finished your law school applications, consider thanking everyone who helped you along the way. And by consider, I mean do it duuuuuhhhhhh. Prelaw Guru

D) Laws that take in effect in 2015: pay, pot and pets. Wall Street Journal

E) This is a generic brand video. McSweeney’s


Logical Reasonings / 4.27.12

A) The US inmate population dropped for the third consecutive year. Are fewer people committing crimes, or are more prisoners figuring out how to escape? Bureau of Justice Statistics.

B) KFC ordered to pay $8.3 million to a girl who was paralyzed after eating a Twister wrap. Good thing she didn’t order the KFC Bowl. Yahoo! News.

C) This story about online copyright laws is worth a look, if only for the accompanying illustration. ABA Journal.

D) Do a Google search for “zerg rush.” If you dare. CNN.

E) Obama slow jams the news (a few days ago). YouTube.