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Trials of the Century: Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss was, depending upon whom you believe, a Communist spy burrowed deeply in the Department of State or, alternatively, one of the earliest victims of the Red Scare that tore through the United States — promoted most ferociously by Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy — and which destroyed many lives in the process.


Trials of the Century: The Murder of Willie Earle

Willie Earle, a black man in his mid twenties, got picked up on a murder charge. The day before, someone—it could have been Earle, but that doesn’t matter—robbed a cab driver and stabbed him to death.

By the evening of Earle’s first day in the county jail, a large crowd of about fifty men, mostly cab drivers, all white, gathered outside. They demanded Earle be handed over to them. He was. The crowd then lynched Earle, beating, stabbing and shooting him. This was 1947. Greenville, South Carolina.