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What Do Millennials Really Want?

I’ve got an unfortunate bit of news for you prestige-hounds in the audience: The palatial “corner office” may be on its way out. While this is surely a source of chagrin for baby-boomer lawyers nation-wide, Nixon Peabody’s DC offices are confident it will be a boon for millennials.

That seems to be the target of a vast new office design campaign taking hold in major cities throughout the country. Perhaps in imitation of California’s start-up culture, many firms are opting to throw out the classic model of imposing marble reception desks with modest associate setups and coruscating , large-windowed, partner offices. In its place is a more democratic, open, and communal office environment focused on equity and collaboration. In the case of Nixon Peabody, the aesthetic is completed with a massive wall of television sets, which fill the quixotic millennial’s bright, wide eyes all day long with tales of the firm’s pro bono beneficence.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.21.13

A) The deal with 3 + 3 law school programs. Essentially, you shave off a year of undergraduate school. Thus, your total post-secondary education is 6 years and not 7. Above the Law.

B) Sotomayor slams the legal profession for the lack of diversity and the perpetuating glass ceiling. The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times.

C) Game changer alert! Senate voted to invoke the ‘nuclear option’ when it comes to judicial and executive nominees. CNN.

D) Take a peak inside North Korea. It’s amazing this guy hasn’t been arrested yet for his photojournalism. Just Something.

E) As someone that lives in Los Angeles, this piece could not be truer. Here’s a little insight into my life today #4. BuzzFeed.