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Logical Reasonings / 4.14.15

A) Why do law schools make their application instructions so hard to find? Who knows. But make sure you search them out. Ivey Files

B) Consider how a law school’s location will affect your future job prospects. I’d also suggest considering how much winter sucks. U.S. News and World Report

C) How a minimalist lifestyle can help you survive law school. Survive Law

D) Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle order is healthier than yours. New York Times

E) Alabama Shakes is the best and you can listen to their new album for free! NPR First Lsiten

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How to Decide Where to Apply

If you want a J.D. from an ABA-approved institution, there are 204 schools you can apply to. Most of us can’t apply to all 204. And why would you want to? That would be expensive and a huge waste of time.

So how do you figure out which law schools to apply to? There are four key factors to consider.

1. Rankings
Rankings are important for two reasons: A) They can help predict which schools you’ll get into, and B) They dictate how prestigious your degree is seen to be.

Regarding Point A: Your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA factor heavily into a law school’s admissions decision.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.20.15

A) Geographical proximity matters when it comes to biglaw partner prospects. New York Times

B) A study of the law school class of 2010 has raised troubling questions about the future of the legal profession. Why can’t these things ever raise delightful questions? Wall Street Journal

C) Law school deans are attacking the bar exam, and Above the Law thinks they reek of desperation.

D) This stock photo is kinda racist, but sadly accurate. Redline

E) A comprehensive ranking of every Taken ripoff. Vulture

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Applying to Law School: Location, Location, Location?

In law school admissions land, it’s a question as old as time: How important is location when deciding where to apply? Is it dispositive? (Only go to a school in the area where you want to practice.) Highly persuasive? (All things considered, it’s a lot better to go to school where you want to practice.) Or mere dicta? (Sure, it would be nice, but other factors are more important.)

The answer, naturally, is it depends. But, on the whole, I’d argue you’re typically a lot better off going to school where you want to practice. Here’s why.

Four Factors to Consider When Applying to Law School
When applying to law school, you’re essentially balancing four factors.