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Logical Reasonings / 7.21.17

A. The special investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia has expanded to include business transactions between Trump and Russian associates. Bloomberg

B. So Trump is now investigating the investigators, and it looks like we’re getting a lawyer-off. Trump’s team of lawyers is looking into dirt on special council Robert Mueller’s team of attorneys, including possible conflicts of interest. NY Times

C. Oh and Trump is apparently asking – for a “friend,” of course – if the President can pardon the President. That would be a real humdinger of a law school finals questions. Washington Post

D. This is all a lot to handle, so Sean Spicer is resigning as Press Secretary. Washington Post

E. Another Trump-related controversy: Trump, in the crazy NYT interview from this week, mentioned that Japanese first lady Akie Abe doesn’t speak any English. The internet then unearthed a video of her speaking fluent English, leading many to assume she used that as an excuse to avoid speaking to Trump, making her a hero to many Trump critics. But such snubbing would be unfathomable to a Japanese public figure, and she and Trump have hung out a bunch before, and actually she may have funded an “ultra-nationalist kindergarten” (?). Let’s leave this one in the dustbins of history and have a great weekend. LA Times

Logical Reasonings / 7.20.17

A. A Pepperdine Law professor created a graph that charts LSAT performance by undergrad major. The best LSAT scores tend to come from STEM majors (who also tend to have lower GPA – not so smart are you, nerds?) with Classics majors putting up a surprisingly strong showing. Robert Anderson

B. U.S. News & World Report has some advice for LSAT test takers who had their accommodations request denied. U.S. News & World Report

C. After nine years in Nevada state prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, the juice is loose on and out on parole. LA Times

D. According to the filers of a federal lawsuit, Customs and Borders agents are systematically intimidating and turning away asylum seekers. Huffington Post

E. The #DriveByDunkChallenge is the new meme popping off with the youths who – we get it – can dunk. Deadspin

Logical Reasonings / 7.20.17

A. The Supreme Court upheld the Ninth Circuit’s decision that grandparents of U.S. citizens must be exempted from the Trump travel ban. Washington Post

B. A federal judge referenced Tyrion Lannister in an opinion, but sadly did not make the decision in a trial by combat. Above the Law

C. A note to those thinking about future interviews for legal jobs, especially in criminal justice: don’t reveal that you will attempt to abide by the requirements of professional responsibility. NY Times

D. After years in Nevada state prison for kidnapping and armed robbery, O.J. Simpson is up for parole today. Washington Post

E. U.S. Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer yesterday. Whatever your opinions on his political beliefs, it’s worth revisiting this David Foster Wallace profile of McCain during the 2000 primary campaign, which features a compelling description of his years in a North Vietnam POW camp. Up, Simba

Logical Reasonings / 7.18.17

A. Want to sign up for the beta testing of the new digital LSAT? Those who test out the digital exam will be awarded with a refund check for any LSAT between December 2017 and January 2019. LSAC

B. If you want to preside over the crumbling music industry as its legal steward, Billboard has a list of the top law schools for music law. Billboard

C. WaPo ponders the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans judge and clerkship positions. Washington Post

D. Paperwork is missing for many students who have been behind on their private student loan payments, and judges may essentially wipe away $5 billion worth of debt as a result. NY Times

E. With key Senators promising to vote no on a motion to proceed for the GOP health care bill, it seems as though the bill is dead. But, as anyone following this story from the beginning could tell you, this is probably not the last we’ll hear of it. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 7.17.17

A. Is the recent spike in LSAT takers a product of a “Trump bump,” or LSAC’s new scheduling, or something else? For you, it probably just means you have a harder time finding a good testing center. Above the Law

B. DoNotPay, a legal chatbot designed to fight parking tickets, has been updated with the ability to cover thousands of legal areas. Will you be competing with robot lawyers for jobs? Or will Skynet have already become self-aware? ABA Journal

C. Your latest “Oh, brother” legal settlement: Columbia just settled with the guy alleged to have sexually assaulted the Columbia student who carried around a mattress as a protest against the school’s handling of the investigation–despite the fact that his federal suit on the matter was rejected. CNN

D. In the largest legal settlement in sports history, the NFL may have to pay out $1 billion to former players who were lied to about the dangers of concussions while they were playing. You know who’s trying to get a cut of that money? Lawyers, of course. And some may be using predatory tactics to woo former players with impaired mental abilities. NY Times

E. With shocking and disturbing allegations, parents of women who lived with R&B singer R. Kelly report that he subjected the women to cult-like conditions. Buzzfeed News

Logical Reasonings / 7.13.17

A. This weekend, the American Bar Association will gather to consider revisions to its regulations of law schools. On the docket is a proposed rule that might strip away law schools’ ability to accept “alternative tests” (read: the GRE) for admissions. Above the Law

B. Also this weekend, the ABA will decide whether it should expand diversity requirements for accreditation to the law schools’ student bodies, and whether those requirements should specify the inclusion of gender identities, religions, national origins, ages, and disabilities. ABA Journal

C. In the world of lawsuits, the Department of Justice just charged over 400 people with health care fraud. Washington Post

D. Another day in the repeal-replace-renege-retry cycle Congress has been on, with the Senate GOP leaders introducing another version of their health care bill. This time, with fewer tax cuts. NY Times

E. Your studies may be getting a little stressful, but you did not have a worse day than a Corpus Cristi man who got himself stuck in a damn ATM. Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Logical Reasonings / 7.12.17

A. Drinking a lot of coffee to power through those marathon LSAT or bar studies? Well another coffee study says that’s a healthy habit. Popular Science

B. After blowing their budget, the Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law set up a crowdfunding page to provide stipends for its recent grads as they prepare for the bar. If you feel like helping a hungry, stressed J.D., now’s the time. USEED

C. Jim Harbaugh, coach of the Michigan football team, is apparently a huge proponent of equal access to legal services. M Live

D. The rancor in the White House has affected even Trump’s personal lawyers, who are now frustrated that the President is listening to Jared Kushner, not them, on advice regarding the Russia investigation. NY Times

If you’re obsessed with the number 3 but hate driving to the grocery store, boy, is there a new business for you. Grub Street

Logical Reasonings / 7.11.17

A. You have until August 2nd to sign-up for the September 16th LSAT, but across the nation, LSAT testing centers are already filling up. Wondering what you should do? We got you. Blueprint LSAT

B. The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University filed a federal suit against Trump, alleging that he violated several Twitter users’ First Amendment rights by blocking them on Twitter. LA Times

C. If you’re planning to take the bar in California, you may be in luck. In an unprecedented move, the California Supreme Court stripped away the California bar examiners’ ability to set the passing score for the exam, and may choose to reduce the state’s abnormally high passing score. Above the Law

D. Trump Jr., either acting against the advice of his lawyer or acting on terrible advice, published an email exchange between him and the Kremlin-affiliated lawyer he met with during the campaign. In doing so, he may have admitted to some light federal crimes. Washington Post

E. NY Times columnist David Brooks wrote an article over the weekend about how “social barriers” like the inability to pronounce Italian meats are bigger concern to working-class people than systemic issues like, I don’t know, wage stagnation. He’s paying the price for it on the social media channels. Vox

Logical Reasonings / 7.10.17

A. Wondering how the LSAT prepares you for law school. USNWR has some takes. US News & World Report

B. Howard University found one of its law school professors guilty of sexual harassment for a final exam question involving … well … maybe we shouldn’t say? Inside Higher Ed

D. ATL gives some advice to upcoming 1Ls. Above the Law

D. It can be tough out there for young lawyers, but one way to get ahead in the legal word is to have ties to the Kremlin and then promise the children of a presidential candidate that you have dirt on the opposition. NY Times

E. Like a gambling addict pulling out a crumpled old bill to get one more pull of the slot machine’s lever, Mitch McConnell will pull out another health care bill this week. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 7.5.17

A. We hope your Fourth of July was a good as these super chill cops’ day, who responded to a complaint about an unauthorized slip-n-slide by sliding down it themselves. CBS News

B. NPR, as part of its tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence on air every Fourth of July, tweeted out the document, line-by-line. This angered many Twitter users, especially those who assumed the parts about King George III were about current president Donald Trump. America: looking great at 241! Washington Post

C. Conservatives and liberals were able to agree about one thing this Fourth though—Joey Chestnut is an American hero for breaking his hot-dog-eating record and bringing the Nathan’s title to America yet again CNN seemingly threatening to dox the Reddit user who made the Trump-body-slamming-CNN video was pretty bad form. NY Times

D. In law-related news, multiple states are filing suits against big pharma companies for manufacturing the pain killers that have led to the opioid crisis. Washington Post

E. Speaking of lawsuits and pharmaceuticals, hated pharma bro Martin Shkreli’s security fraud case continued its inauspicious start, with Shkreli allegedly violating his Twitter ban with a secret account. The Daily Beast