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Logical Reasonings / 10.6.17

A. Don’t forget — next week we’ll be offering 20% off all tutoring purchases. Stay tuned. Blueprint LSAT

B. Today what was surely a group of old white men made another decision that will affect millions of women. The Trump administration announced it would limit federal requirements that employers provide birth control coverage in their health plans. This will surely set off a new round of lawsuits against the administration. NY Times

C. Sessions also wrote a memo arguing that Title VII protection does not extend employment protection to transgendered people, but remained mum on whether it should protect the job of a Keebler elf impersonating a human being. ABA Journal

D. The power of the free speech: a man who was arrested for disorderly conduct for flipping off his pastor got his conviction overturned with a First Amendment argument. Atlanta-Journal Constitution

E. AOL will finally shut down AOL Instant Messenger, the O.G. chat app. Away messages with Dashboard Confessional lyrics at half mast this weekend, everybody. Tech Crunch

Logical Reasonings / 10.5.17

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B. Here’s LSAC’s statement on the madness that was the September 2017 LSAT. LSAC

C. In the opposite of a testing headache, Oregon lowered the cut score for its bar exam and the passage rate shot up from 58 to 79 percent. Above the Law

D. Another law school ranking dropped today. This one ranks all the law schools in the world. In an upset, Duke snatches the number one spot, followed by Standard and Yale. USA! USA! USA! Take that University of Melbourne. Times Higher Education

E. Lawmakers are looking into the legality of “bump stocks,” which are attachments that turn semi-automatic firearms to nearly-automatic firearms. Business Insider

Logical Reasonings / 10.4.17

A. Things are going great in Puerto Rico apparently, with Trump jump shooting rolls of paper towels to a crowd. Sure, just use those to mop up the remnants of a hurricane. NY Times

B. Trump may soon be tossing out termination papers to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly called Trump “a moron.” Politico

C. Trump isn’t the only one throwing paper around: Ivanka and Donald Jr. reportedly avoided fraud in New York charges after their attorney slid an envelop of cash into the campaign headquarters of the New York D.A. Propublica

D. For special counsel Robert Mueller’s ever-growing legal team, they now have a guy researching “pre-emptive pardons,” just in case Trump tries to paper over any criminal wrongdoings from his campaign. ABA Journal

E. At least you can still save some paper — next week we’re offering 20% off all tutoring purchases. Blueprint LSAT

Logical Reasonings / 10.3.17

A. The Washington University School of Law — that’s the one in St. Louis, not Seattle — just announced that it too will accept the GRE. National Jurist

B. While the California Supreme Court decides whether to drop bar score requirements, California law school deans dropped bars. Those deans absolutely excoriated the study the California Bar used to determine whether it should lower the “cut score” for the notoriously difficult California Bar Exam. Above the Law

C. For law students who are looking to make some coin during law school (and maybe avoid having to take out a pricey bar study loan), here is a list of the highest paying part-time jobs. Vault

D. Alternatively, a law student could work full time and pursue law school part time. USNWR weighs the pros and cons of doing that. U.S. News & World Report

E. SCOTUS’s new term continues today with oral arguments on a gerrymandering case. The decision, like many, will come down to Justice Kennedy, who remained gerry-mum-dering during arguments. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 10.2.17

A. Incredibly tragic news from Las Vegas last night. Here’s how you can help. LA Times

B. The Supreme Court’s new term kicked off today with oral arguments on whether businesses can force employees to resolve pay and working condition disputes in arbitration. Washington Post

C. And the new guy on the bench is apparently already annoying the other justices. New Yorker

D. A new study shows that a juris doctorate, unlike justice itself, is unfortunately not blind in whom it benefits. ABA Journal

E. What was already a terrible day of tragedy involved one more heartbreak to wreck you. Tom Petty is hospitalized and in critical condition. Rolling Stone

Logical Reasonings / 9.29.17

A. A look into how law school clinics have responded to Trump’s announcement to end DACA. National Jurist

B. Maybe these are law schools you should endeavor to avoid? ABA Journal

C. Roy Moore, the Republic candidate for the Alabama Senate election, probably wishes he avoided classes with his former law professor, who just absolutely excoriated the politician. Washington Post

D. A U.S. District Court judge just threw out a case against Black Lives Matter and BLM organizer DeRay Mckesson, holding that Black Lives Matter is a social movement that cannot be subject to civil suits. Baltimore Sun

E. What can be subject to civil suit — and what some expect to reach the Supreme Court — is Trump’s failure to divest himself from his hotels and other business interests. Which is why many are protesting Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s speech at Trump’s D.C. hotel. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 9.27.17

A. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Trump unveils a sweeping a change, says it’s going to benefit everyone. Leaves GOP lawmakers to fill in the details (and the details will probably end up only benefiting the rich). GOP lawmakers must use special legislative loopholes so they can pass sweeping change without bipartisan support. Last time the change was health care. This time, tax reform. NY Times

B. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is without power and in desperate need for supplies. What’s stopping the mainland U.S. from getting them supplies? Well an obscure World War I-era shipping law that the Trump administration refuses to waive. Washington Post

C. Meet former Alabama Chief Justice Rob Moore — who was suspended twice from the bench and believe that “God’s law” can overrule court cases — they GOP nominee in Alabama’s Senate race. ABA Journal

D. Some advice to those unlucky souls who failed their bar exam. Above the Law

E. Say what you will about Jared Kushner, but she is very modern in her embrace of gender fluidity. The Hill

Logical Reasonings / 9.26.17

A. Jeff Sessions called for a “national re-commitment to free speech” on college campuses. Students and faculty at Georgetown Law responded by protesting his speech (which, allegedly, they were not allowed to attend). Buzzfeed News

B. Sessions isn’t the only one infantilizing law students. A law professor made a coloring book to help students understand Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Above the Law

C. Lawyers, even experts, can be treated like children too. Jared Kushner’s attorney was recently the victim of a pretty puerile (but kind of funny) email prank. Business Insider

D. College basketball, however, is not all childish fun and games. Bribery charges were brought against college basketball assistant coaches today. These accusations stem from a federal probe into bribery and collusion in college basketball. NBC News

E. Up in the Supreme Court, the justices postponed oral arguments in the travel ban case and asked the parties to determine whether the case is moot in light of the new permanent ban implemented this weekend. NY Times

Logical Reasonings / 9.25.17

A. In between tweeting about NFL protestors and Steph Curry this weekend, Trump issued an executive order making the travel ban permanent, more or less. Vox

B. But back to the tweets, here’s an analysis of how the First Amendment would apply an NFL owner who took up Trump’s call to fire any player who took a knee during the National Anthem. Constitution Center

C. And maybe you should read the above link, because a study shows that you probably don’t know much about the First Amendment or free speech. Washington Post

D. Though there’s some debate regarding the validity of the above study. Inside Higher Ed

E. Law schools refer to the J.D. as being a very versatile degree, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 9.22.17

A. If you’re studying for the December LSAT, Blueprint’s last round of classes are starting this weekend, and we have many more classes already underway. Check out the classes here and use promo code PLUS11 to save 11%. Blueprint LSAT

B. The Dept. of Education just lowered the Obama-era evidentiary standard recommended to universities dealing with sexual assault on campus from “preponderance of the evidence” to “clear and convincing evidence.” These may sound like meaningless words, but by 1L, you’ll get why this is a big deal. Dept. of Education

C. You got to give it up to the students at Howard University — they know how to heckle a speaker. USA Today

D. The future does not look very bright for big law firms. Above the Law

E. And the same can be said of Graham-Cassidy: looks like McCain is ready to DDT the health care bill, which may make it DOA. Washington Post