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Logical Reasonings / 1.25.19

A. From all your pals at Blueprint, best of luck to everyone taking the January LSAT tomorrow.

B. And if the test tomorrow looks daunting, look on the bright side … at least you get to take the test? That’s more than those who registered for the February D.C. bar exam can say. The federal government shutdown may prevent many from taking that kind-of-important test. Above the Law

C. And the D.C. denizens who already passed the bar exam will have to wait a while to be sworn in and officially become an attorney, too. Law.com

D. More bar talk: the ABA ponders tightening bar exam passage standards for law schools, in light of the flagging bar passage rates in many states. ABA Journal

E. All this talk about the LSAT, law school, and the bar exam is getting me stressed out. Is it getting you stressed out? Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some people who become lawyers get to be happy lawyers. Especially if they went to UVA Law, apparently, which boasts a 91% life satisfaction rate among its grads. University of Virginia Law

Logical Reasonings / 1.18.19

A. Today is the last day to upload your admission ticket photo to LSAC, so please don’t forget to follow the rules and upload your most professional selfie. LSAC

B, LSAC’s latest podcast breaks down the numbers — like, what’s the number of students who are taking the LSAT this year and applying to law school, and will that number go up or down in the future? LSAC

D. The year is young but we already have a contender for 2019’s most innovative idea for law school. Above the Law

C. On the importance of grit in legal education. Above the Law

E. We also have a contender for ad of the year. YouTube

Logical Reasonings / 1.17.19

A. Good for Texas A&M School of Law, maybe less good for people planning on going to Texas A&M School of Law. That school improved its median LSAT score more than any other law school since 2010. Above the Law

B. An Australian law professor surmises that junior attorneys are an “endangered species” at law firms, since their work will be increasingly automated. So … get those checks while you can, young lawyers. Legal Cheek

C. On the other hand, some discussions of the career opportunities for young attorneys are taking a rosier outlook. Above the Law

D. Who says lawyers aren’t fighting the good fight? This attorney just won a lawsuit against Ticketmaster after the corporation refused to refund the $2300 Hamilton tickets the lawyer accidentally purchased. With a clear sense of perspective, the attorney called the victory “Hamiltonian.” Clearly the courtroom is the room where it (justice) happens. Texas Lawyer

E. The California bar exam results were dreadful, and people are still wondering how it could have happened. National Jurist

Logical Reasonings / 1.14.19

A. File under: funny because it’s true. Above the Law

B. A transgender student is suing San Diego law school Cal Western for alleged discrimination. NBC San Diego

C. Judge Patricia Wald, a public interest lawyer and the first woman to serve on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, passed away today. ABA Journal

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Telling everyone that you’re a judge isn’t how you get away with ramming your car into a van full of police officers. New York Law Journal

E. Also Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: If you’re a judge who’s going to purchase gross ads in attempt to exact revenge on ex-girlfriends … well, don’t because you’ll go to prison if you do. But if you were going to do it anyway, at least spare yourself the humiliation of using the alias than “Don Tequila” when purchasing said ads. Houston Press

Logical Reasonings / 1.11.19

A. This is your final reminder that tonight at 11:59 pm EST is your last chance to postpone the January LSAT, to change your test center for that test, or to withdraw from the test for a (meager $50) refund. LSAC

B. Live with Kellye & Ken, which sounds more like a syndicated morning show and less like a source on trends in legal ed, was recently shared by LSAC, in case you want to be up to date on trends in law and technology. YouTube

C. On keeping composed during your 1L year. Above the Law

D. Today’s dose of “I can’t even right now.” Politico

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: If you’re going to steal from clients and eventually be forced to pay over $2 million in restitution and back taxes, make sure the pilfered funds maybe go to better ends than timeshares, plastic surgery, and Hawaiian bands for parties. The Oregonian

Logical Reasonings / 1.9.19

A. Another reminder that Friday is the last day to postpone the January LSAT, to change your test center, or to withdraw for a partial refund. LSAC

B. According to Law School Transparency, going to an ABA-accredited public law school instead of a private one can save you $19,904 a year in tuition alone. Above the Law

C. If you scored as an “Introvert” on your Myers Briggs but want to be a commanding litigator anyway, the ABA has a podcast episode for you. ABA Journal

D. No one can pass the California bar exam, and some concerned citizens have interesting theories why that is. Above the Law

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Your online rants can expose you to lawsuits from former clients. Law.com

Logical Reasonings / 1.4.19

A. Will you do anything to find an edge to help you get into law school? Would you even do something super crazy … like choose to live in Delaware? If you’re willing to do that, you may have a good shot at law school, since enrollment has declined in that state by 72.8% since 2010. Above the Law

B. Charlotte School of Law shuttered last year, but its woes continue. Former students are now suing the school’s parent company. WSOC TV

C. As law students agonize over their first semester grades, law professors are partying in New Orleans. Above the Law

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: In this case, maybe the cover-up wasn’t worse than the crime? ABA Journal

E. Also Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: “No” means “no,” both in courts and courtships. The Delaware County Daily Times

Logical Reasonings / 1.2.19

A. The guy who sued LSAC because he didn’t want to take the LSAT is now asking the Obama-appointed federal judge hearing the case to recuse himself because … birtherism. The Duke Chronicle

B. According to Law School Transparency, networking is the most common way law students from the Class of 2017 found a job. So resolve to be more social in 2019. Above the Law

C. A clinic at Georgetown Law is helping save a church that sits in an area of land that would be surveyed and potentially claimed for the construction of a border wall. KVEO.com

D. The new president of the Association of American Law School believes legal education is in tip-top shape, especially as more and more students see law school as a path to be an “agent of change.” Law.com

E. Robert Frost’s poetry just entered the public domain, so below we’ve reproduced his entire oeuvre, just because we can without legal repercussion. Center for the Study of the Public Domain

Logical Reasonings / 12.31.18

A. From all of us at Blueprint. please have a very happy New Years.

B. Also, not get all moralistic, but like, don’t be a selfish dum dum and drink and drive tonight. Not just for the safety of yourself and others, but also because a DUI makes it way harder to become an attorney. ABA for Law Students

C. An interesting read on how previously esteemed “professionals” — like lawyers — sold out their integrity in 2018. LA Times

D. In case you want to get a preview of what real lawyers liked to read in 2018, here are Above the Law‘s top news stories from 2018. Spoiler: they’re all about salaries and bonuses. Above the Law

E. If you want an alternative to that list, here are five ABA-approved #longform articles on the law from 2018. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 12.28.18

A. A well-known employment law professor at Marquette was suspended, based on allegations of an inappropriate relationship with his student. We’re guessing he does not appreciate the irony of an authority on employment losing said employment. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

B. Maybe he should have read this article first? A law student gives her take on dating in law school. National Jurist

C. LSAC will give a little glimpse into the future of legal education next Wednesday on Twitter. @Official_LSAT

D. The ABA represents all of the lawyers, so when it says that these are the twelve most fascinating lawyers of 2018, you should believe them. ABA Journal

E. If you’re a law junkie, you probably have at least a mild obsession with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and are at least moderately amped for her upcoming biopic On the Basis of Sex. But apparently that movie almost didn’t get made, because some Hollywood execs didn’t believe her real, not fictional supportive marriage to Martin Ginsburg was realistic. NY Times