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Logical Reasonings / 12.1.17

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B. Former Trump White House official Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to FBI agents about meeting with a Russian ambassador and is expected to testify that Trump’s team directed him to engage in talks with Russia. NY Times

C. This will be upsetting to Trump for the obvious reasons, but also because it may overshadow what could be his first legislative accomplishment — a massively unpopular “tax reform” that grants massive tax cuts to his family, donors, and corporations. NY Times

D. One guy who is taking enormous pleasure in this is James Comey, who took to the ‘gram to get in a shot at the president who fired him. @a_higher_loyalty

E. Finally, the best of luck to everyone who is taking the December LSAT this weekend. If that’s you, you should mostly be spending today relaxing and recharging before the big day. But also make sure you have everything in order for tomorrow morning. Here’s LSAC’s list of what you need. LSAC

Logical Reasonings / 11.30.17

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B. For three years, an actual lawyer attempted to make sense of how the legal profession is depicted in TV and the movies. Here’s what he learned. Above the Law

C. In real legal news, a federal judge is allowing Trump’s pick to hold the interim director position at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the departing director’s pick. Washington Post

D. In other legal news, looks like Paul Manafort is going to take a bail deal worth $12 milli. CNBC

E. Senate Republicans are probably the only people on the planet in more of a panic than those about to take the December LSAT, now that a report on their tax plan predicts it would add a trilli to the fedearl deficit. NY Times

Logical Reasonings / 11.29.17

A. Don’t forget about our Holiday Sale, which is going on through Sunday, 11:59 pm PST. We’re taking $200 off any Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom course on our website with promo code HOLIDAY200. Blueprint LSAT

B. With the loss of the state and local tax deductions in the GOP tax plan, lawyers are speculating that the junior associate pay rate might raise to $200K at New York big law firms to compensate. Above the Law

C. Meanwhile, the ABA — a collective of a ton of people with a fair amount of student loans — is adamantly against the elimination of the student loan interest deductions in the GOP tax plan. ABA Journal

D. SCOTUS heard oral arguments today on a case that may decide whether law enforcement can access your cell phone records to track your movement without a warrant. LA Times

E. Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, whom you may remember as enjoying a fleeting 15 minutes of flame as Trump’s extremely short-lived press secretary earlier this year, resigned from the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy board after he huffed and tuffed and threatened to sue a Tufts student. Time

Logical Reasonings / 11.28.17

A. Our Holiday Sale is still going strong. Until Sunday at 11:59 pm PST, we’re offering a $200 discount on the in-person Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom courses we have posted on our website. Just enter promo code HOLIDAY200 when you enroll online! Blueprint LSAT

B. Here’s a chart explaining how students from the various New York law schools did on the infamously difficult New York bar exam. Above the Law

C. Lest you think that frivolous law suits and insolent students are exclusive to the US of A, here’s an Oxford grad suing his former uni, alleging that “bad teaching” cost him a chance of attending an Ivy League law school. It’s like this dude hasn’t been paying attention to the advice this blog’s been giving for years: that your LSAT score is way more important your GPA. ABA

D. Don’t forget that a J.D. can open up a lot of doors. Hell, even a fake J.D. can open up the doors to Buckingham Palace. BBC

D. The Art of a Deal, Chapter 13: How to preemptively alienate the other side and get them to negotiate with other people instead. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 11.27.17

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C. A survey shows that Princeton Law School is now a T-20 school, despite not existing. Above the Law

D. Who watches the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s watchmen? There’s going to be a legal showdown on who will direct the agency, now that Trump eschewed the departing director’s pick Leandra English and instead appointed Mick Mulvaney. CNN

E. A member of the FCC took to what she must know are the dying airwaves of print media to implore the public to protest the FCC’s own “lousy” plan to end net neutrality. LA Times

Logical Reasonings / 11.24.17

A. Our Christmakwanzakah Winter Solstice Day of Non-denominational Merry-Making Sale has begun. We’re offering a 40% our Logic Games and Reading Comp books on Amazon until Monday at 11:59 pm PST. Blueprint LSAT

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C. Oh, and unlike Macy’s today, you can use your credit cards to take advantage of those great discounts. CNBC

D. More like Bleak Friday for Eric, Jared, Jefferson, and Donald. All evidence is pointing towards Mueller getting Michael Flynn to cooperate and perhaps even testify against higher ups in the Trump campaign. NY Times

E. If you want to base your decision to go to law school on an (actually really astute) flow chart, you are in luck today, my friends. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 11.22.17

A. To wish y’all a happy Thanksgiving, we’ll be kicking off our holiday sale (officially known around these parts as our Christmakwanzakah Winter Solstice Day of Non-denominational Merry-Making Sale) this Friday at the crack of midnight. We’ll be discounting our Logic Games and Reading Comp books on Amazon. Learn more about these amazing resources right here! Blueprint LSAT

B. Law school is a humbling experience, even for Kennedys who are suddenly struck by the fact that Harvard Law Students are too busy to care about their family name. Boston Globe

C. Running a law school can also be a humbling experience, especially when the ABA sanctions your school for lax acceptance standards. Above the Law

D. And if running a law school is hard, try running an entire university. Especially if that university is as prominent as Harvard, and you have the DOJ on your back for allegedly discriminating against Asian-American applicants. Reuters

E. Finally, if you’re among the one in three Americans who dread the prospect of political discussions over Thanksgiving, some last minute study time for the December LSAT may be your savior. NPR

Logical Reasonings / 11.21.17

A. Months after we published a similar take, the Chicago Tribune discusses how more law students are going to law school as a reaction to Trump. Chicago Tribune

B. There’s more law school news coming out of Chicago, btw, as the University of Illinois School of Law has plans to merge with the John Marshall Law School. Chicago Business

C. BYU is the latest law school to find comfort in the warm and tender embrace of the GRE. Ever wonder how these schools prove that the GRE is a valid predictor of law school success? Apparently ETS, the group that administers the GRE, helps them out with that. Above the Law

D. Meet Brett Joseph Talley, the Alabama federal court nominee who has zero trial experience, a rare “not qualified” stamp of disapproval from the ABA, and tons of experience huntin’ ghosts and writing horror fiction. ABA Journal

E. The FCC just announced plans to repeal net neutrality — in other words, to allow internet providers to charge more for or block access to certain parts of the internet — a seismic shift in federal policy. NY Times

Logical Reasonings / 11.20.17

A. USNWR has a good rundown of law school admissions experts’ opinions on how, especially now, a good LSAT can score can make law school a lot cheaper. U.S. News & World Report

B. A good LSAT score also makes you more likely to pass the bar. This is especially important in California, where the bar passage rate is still atrocious. Above the Law

C. But once you pass the bar, you get to do all kinds of cool stuff, like maybe represent the president against increasingly likely charges of obstruction. ABC News

D. And, what’s more, the president will personally pick up the tab. Reuters

E. But, remember, being a lawyer is a hard job. If you don’t do a good job drafting a cease and desist letter for your allegedly pederast Senate candidate client, you’re going to get called out. Wonkette

Logical Reasonings / 11.17.17

A. Last chance to RSVP to the webinar we’re holding tomorrow at noon. We’re going to go over the LSAT in all of its glory. And you’re going to get a $300 off our classroom course and a $75 discount off the first month of our online course, where you’ll learn much more about the exam. So RSVP here! Blueprint LSAT

B. A little speculation on Justice Kennedy’s thought process for the upcoming landmark case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Empirical SCOTUS

C. And a little insight into who might replace Kennedy, or any of the other justices, if Trump has his druthers. Reuters

D. With the holiday shopping season upon us, some of us dilatory types might wonder what the environmental impact of 2-day shipping is. Here’s a video explainer. Vox

E. It’s going to be an important weekend for those of you studying for the December LSAT, so, unlike this pilot, let’s keep the childish play to a minimum. Washington Post