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The Big News Behind LSAC’s New Policy

It’s no secret that this year has shaken the Law School Admissions Council. Although there has been an increase in the number of people taking the LSAT in the last few years, the number of test takers was trending downwards for years and years, and the current amount of test takers is nowhere near the apex of the 2009-10 academic year. Plus, the slight increase in test takers hasn’t led to an increase in the number of people applying to law school, which is also of concern to LSAC. Then Harvard Law School flexed hard, and announced that it would allow applicants to apply with a GRE score, in addition to the LSAT. Harvard reasoned that the GRE was more open and accessible to potential applicants than the LSAT, which is admittedly quite restricted in the times and places you can actually take the exam.

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OMG! There Are No Open Testing Centers Near Me TELL ME WHAT TO DO

If you live in a major metropolitan area and signed up for the June LSAT recently, you may have had a nasty shock: Many test centers for the June LSAT are already full. Perhaps you had a sudden, strong urge to reach for your phone and call me, your good ol’ LSAT pal. Here’s what that conversation would look like:

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The Revenge of LSAC

We told you a few months ago about the beginning of what is now a law school admissions trend (if two counts as a trend, that is): law schools accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT. If you’re reading this blog, you likely know that the GRE is the standardized test those going on to graduate school — rather than a professional school, like like law school — take. It tests math and verbal skills, whereas the LSAT tests logic and argumentation.

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A Brief Rundown of the Law School Admissions Timeline

“Tick-tock,” says the applications timeline clock. “Stop ticking,” says the law school applicant.

Today’s post is a rundown of when you should be doing what when it comes to applying for law school starting in Fall of 2017. (If you’re looking to start this coming Fall and have yet to get the ball rolling, this post is also for you, because you’re too late, bucko, and it’s Fall 2017 for you, also.)

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Logical Reasonings / 1.4.16

A. Carly Fiorina redefined political pandering for a generation this past weekend. Is it true that even bad PR is good PR? Gawker
B. Touro College Law School in New York sent out acceptance emails to people who NEVER EVEN APPLIED. Desperation is a turn off, Touro. Everyone knows this. Above the Law
C. A Federal judge is forcing LSAC (the people who make the LSAT) to pursue legal claims for copyright infringement in California, way across the country from Newton, PA. The Legal Intelligencer
D. Airbnb renters totally trashed a home in Oakland on New Year’s Eve. Not cool, guys. Srsly. CBS News
E. Aaaaaaaaand, here’s Channing Tatum lip synching Let It Go in an Elsa costume. You deserve it. (We’ll let you interpret that however you’d like.) YouTube

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LSAC to Aspiring Lawyers: Drop Dead

Last week, the eighty-or-so people who took the December LSAT in Santa Barbara received an email from LSAC (the people who administer the LSAT), that their scores had been lost. The basic gist of the story is that UPS lost the packages, which were apparently left in a dropbox, not even at the nearest staffed shipping facility.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.30.15

A. Doggerland is the Atlantis of the North Sea, and scientists are trying to find out more about this sunken land. Wired
B. The December LSAT is this Saturday! Always a good idea to review the maddeningly complex, ever-changing list of things dos and don’ts when it comes to test day. LSAC
C. When is an agreement a treaty? Depends on whether or not you like it. ABA Journal
D. Why did NOBODY tell us that the Hermanator was making a comeback?? Mashable
E. You can now radically alter your experience with Google across its many platforms. Jedi or Sith? Choose. Google