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2014 February LSAT Blog Carnival

If you don’t count the comments section of our Instant Recap and Morning Cometh, there hasn’t been much chatter about the 2014 February LSAT. Unless you check the blogosphere.

Here are some of the best reactions from February LSAT test-takers themselves on their Tumblr pages:

-When you’re profile picture is Elle Woods, you know you’re going to have some things to say about the LSAT. Here’s LSAT Princess on how test day nerves got to her (complete with a .GIF!).

Banana Happyness felt joy while taking the 2014 February LSAT, but she’s pretty sure she’ll have to retake in June.

-Sometimes you worry about being late to your LSAT testing center. Sometimes vending machines accidentally give you a double order. Both happened to Inquisitive1.

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2013 December LSAT Blog Carnival

The internet is a wonderful tool. Not only can you use it to further your knowledge in literally any area (say, quantum entanglement)or to connect with any other person in the world, but it also has a ton of awesome reactions from people who took the 2013 December LSAT.

Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

For starters, if you thought all those December LSAT testing centers that closed due to inclement weather was an unfortunate situation, read this Tumblr’s encounter of a no-show proctor.

Hani here was ready for his December LSAT โ€” and has the Ziploc bag mirror selfie to prove it.

Meanwhile, Bree-zy went with the triple GIF to express her up-and-down December LSAT test day.

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December 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival

If there’s one common feeling about the December LSAT that is floating around the internet, it is that the exam seemed easier than the October LSAT. It’s hard to tell if that really was the case, and contrary to popular belief, the LSAT curve will not be a clear indication.

Nonetheless, people have had plenty to say about the December LSAT. To see what I mean, check out the comments in our December LSAT Instant Recap and December LSAT Morning Cometh. But that’s not the only place where people are talking about the December LSAT.

Hop on the December 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival and let’s ride around the interwebs to check out the chatter:

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October 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival

The October LSAT is in the books, and reactions have been mixed. It was either the hardest LSAT you’ve ever taken, or the easiest. You’ll have to wait for your LSAT score to find out for sure.

We’ve got a fantastic comments thread going down on our October LSAT Instant Recap, written by Blueprint LSAT Prep’s own Colin Elzie โ€” who took his third career LSAT despite coming down with mono.

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Matt Shinners followed that up with yesterday’s October LSAT Morning Cometh post, which takes a look at the exam 24 hours after its completion. Usually LSAT test-takers feel much different about the LSAT after they’ve had a night’s rest to think about it.

Another way to gauge how people are feeling about the October LSAT is to take a stroll around the blogosphere.

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December 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival

We’ve done what we could here at Most Strongly Supported to recap the December LSAT โ€” starting with the instant recap on Saturday and then the morning cometh on Sunday. Be sure to check out the comments in those posts; there’s some good stuff in there.

Now let’s see what those who took the LSAT and for whatever reason didn’t come to our blog are saying about it. It’s time to hop on the December 2011 LSAT blog carnival. Please keep all hands and items inside the ride at all times.

In the front of the ride (always the longest line) are a former shopaholic and a 2013 graduate of Wabash College. The first blogger wanted to cry after she took the December LSAT Saturday because she had been studying since 2009. It sounds like it paid off, though, because she wrote that the actual LSAT was easier than her practice LSATs.

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October 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival

So far on Most Strongly Supported, we’ve recapped the October 2011 LSAT, taken a look back at it the morning after, and discussed your options as far as cancelling your score or what to do next if you plan to keep your score. Well I hope you have your ticket voucher because up next is the October 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival.

This past weekend’s LSAT was a doozy for some students. There were the standard logic games and reading comprehension issues, of course, but there was also a large number of students who were thrown off by an experimental section in an unexpected spot. Other than that, it appears as though the exam was average in difficulty.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a look around the blogosphere to see what students are saying about the October 2011 LSAT.