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Down-to-the-Wire Tips for Every Section on the June LSAT

It’s the last week of LSAT prep, and most of you are struggling with a specific section. The LSAT blog is here to help.

In general, you don’t want to focus solely on your weakest LSAT section. It seems counterintuitive, but you’ll progress faster if you mix up your practice. There’s some good science behind this – you can read about it in Make it Stick – or you can just take my word for it.

Let’s get down to specific tips:

If you’re struggling with Reading Comprehension:

Reading Comprehension is probably the most difficult LSAT section to prep for, but improvement is definitely possible.

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5 June LSAT Prep Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here, which means we’re about two weeks away from the June LSAT. Enjoy yourself: punish your digestive tract with BBQ, and give Black Hawk Down a few goes. But don’t fritter away too much time dreaming about the massive admissions boost you could have gotten if only you had been a Delta Force operator. This time is too important to waste.

Here are some LSAT blog tips to help you make the most of your final big push toward that high June LSAT score:

Tip #1: Make sure you can get the easy points

Diagraming and formal logic are among the most learnable LSAT skills. Make sure you’ve got your sufficient and necessary condition indicators memorized – the trick is that they’re mostly synonyms for each other (every, any, all, each; must, needs, requires, depends). Diagrammable questions should be quick and easy points.

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Run, Don’t Walk, to This Godzilla-Themed LSAT Logic Game

Godzilla opens in theaters today. This dinosaur with human arms has quite the nuanced history. This kind of nuance is the stuff of killer LSAT questions. So, in honor of the masochistic dinosaur fetishists at the LSAC, the LSAT blog brings you an original Godzilla-themed Logic Game, complete with B-movie plot hole!

During seven consecutive days, Godzilla will visit seven cities: Albuquerque, Billings, Chula Vista, Detroit, Erie, Fresno, and Guangzhou. Each city is visited exactly once. During each visit, Godzilla will fight exactly one of her seven enemies: Varan, Oodaku, Rodan, Titanosaurus, King Kong, Mechagodzilla, and Spacegodzilla. The outcome of each fight will be judged a win, or a loss, but not both, for Godzilla. The following is somehow known about Godzilla’s visits and fights:

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The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games Caption Contest Winner

Put away your hazmat suits, folks. Blueprint LSAT Prep’s latest caption contest is over.

We received a handful of submissions for funny captions based on the photo above, but only one earned its writer a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. So thanks to all who submitted, but congrats to Alex Crownhart on the winning entry:

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Cinco de Mayo’s Cinco de LSAT Tips

Cinco de Mayo is here! It’s kind of like the Fourth of July but with less Bruce Springsteen and more accordions. This holiday has a varied significance, but for us at the LSAT blog, Cinco de Mayo means that there is one month left before the June LSAT. Don’t panic. Panic doesn’t mix well with a belly full of tacos and tequila.

To help you get over the guilt of getting drunk on a Monday, here are five tips to improve your LSAT score:

LSAT Tip Numero Uno: Memorize your Logical Reasoning flaws

The June LSAT will spend at least 50 questions testing your knowledge of a dozen common logical reasoning flaws. Most LSAT questions involve describing, exploiting, fixing, or avoiding flawed reasoning. If you don’t know your flaws, your June LSAT will be more disappointing than a piñata filled with raisins and black licorice.

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Caption Contest: Win a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

Put on your hazmat suit. It’s time for another Blueprint LSAT Prep caption contest.

Comment below with the funniest pre-law-related caption for the above photo, and you could win a free copy of The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. We’ll announce one winner — picked by the Blueprint LSAT Prep staff — next week right here on the LSAT blog.

Limit one entry per person. Previous Blueprint LSAT Prep contest winners are ineligible.

Remember to keep your comment funny but unoffensive. If you need inspiration, here are some previous caption contests we’ve run on the LSAT blog.

That being said…fire away!

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Justice Alito is Right About Law School and the LSAT… Sorta

In a recent profile, Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito recently held forth on the LSAT and on the U.S. News and World Report law school rankings. He’s not a fan. He feels differently about the Philadelphia Phillies.

The LSAT, he says, gets too much emphasis from law schools. He asks, “What in life is a multiple choice test?” He calls the U.S. News rankings “an abomination.”

I’ll readily agree with Alito that the U.S. News rankings get way more attention than they deserve. They often get treated as if they were incontrovertible fact, when really they’re just one magazine’s assessment based on its choice of factors. And some of those factors, such as expenditures per student, faculty-student ratio, and library size, have probably contributed to the high cost of legal education as law schools jockey to improve their standing.

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From the Archives: What to Expect on Your LSAT Date

So you’re not ready for the big leagues of law school letter of recommendation dating yet. That’s fine. Blueprint’s got you covered. We guarantee we’ve got the perfect gal for you to meet on an LSAT date.

Going on an LSAT date may not be what you were hoping for, but it’ll be far from the worst blind date you’ve ever been on.

So what can you expect on your LSAT date?

The Introduction

You show up, not really knowing what to expect. You hope for the best, yet fear for the worst. Your palms are a bit sweaty. You debate the hug versus the hand shake. Will this LSAT date go well?

There she is!

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Blueprint’s “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” Caption Contest Winner

If you thought we were being kind to future lawyers on Tuesday by announcing our latest caption contest, wait’ll you hear what’s goin’ down today: It’s time to name the winner!

For those of you who somehow forgot what the awesome prize is for this even more awesome contest, we’re giving away a free Blueprint LSAT Prep t-shirt. Here’s a look at our latest fashion line.

Now on to the winner…

We had several submissions, but this is the one Blueprint LSAT Prep staffers selected as the best of the bunch:

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Enter Blueprint’s “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” Caption Contest

Here are Blueprint LSAT Prep, we know times are stressful right now. You just started preparing for the June LSAT, all your friends are enjoying the start of spring, and worst of all, you didn’t win Warren Buffet’s billion dollars.

Unfortunately, things only get more stressful as you pursue a career in law. In fact, lawyers have such a rough job, there’s an entire day called “Be Kind to Lawyers Day.” And yes, it’s today.

To celebrate, Blueprint LSAT Prep is being kind to future lawyers by giving away a free t-shirt to whoever writes the best (i.e. funniest) caption for the photo above. Just comment below (limit one entry per person) with a clever caption (ideally, one that is law-related), and we’ll announce a winner on Friday.