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How Would This Year’s Oscar Nominees Fare on the LSAT?

The Oscars are this weekend, so we here at Blueprint LSAT Prep will all be tuning in to watch the film industry collectively pat itself on the back. But who will win? Who will lose? Why should you care?

All good questions, so, using the powers of the LSAT, we’re here to answer them. Sort of.

Here are our predictions of how the fictional characters portrayed would do if the awards were based on their LSAT scores, and whether or not the actor actually deserves the Oscar. Which seems as good a measure as any, considering what a subpar year this was for movies.

Supporting Actor: Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) — Lincoln

This one is pretty obvious, as Stevens is already a lawyer, and was one of the most important members of congress in the history of America.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.21.13

A) In case you missed it, we released our first LSAT book this week: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. Get it now for $49.99. Blueprint LSAT Prep.

B) Looking for a job? The ABA is looking for a law school postgraduate data guru. National Law Journal.

C) Now the lead investigator in the Oscar Pistorius case is being charged with murder. How wacky! CNN.

D) 7-Eleven’s coffee is good, but it’s not drive-your-car-into-the-store good. Food Beast.

E) Who you got in the Kids Oscars? BuzzFeed.

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Our LSAT Book is Here: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

We don’t have a Pope, meteors are crashing into Russia, and the universe is officially doomed.

You’ll have to worry about that stuff later because we’ve got some even bigger news:

Blueprint LSAT Prep is proud to announce the release of our first-ever LSAT book. It’s called The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games, and it’s available right now. Here’s the lowdown on the latest (and greatest) LSAT book to hit the market:

At 561 pages and covering 35 real Analytical Reasoning problems, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is one of the biggest and most comprehensive LSAT Logic Games study guides out there.

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Logical Reasonings / 2.20.13

A) Our first LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games, is going to be bigger than the Harlem Shake. Blueprint LSAT Prep.

B) College is the new high school. So what’s that make law school? Above the Law.

C) The Supreme Court’s decisions have gone to the dogs. CNN.

D) Jesse Jackson, Jr., pleads guilty to fraud. NBC News.

E) This isn’t the real menu from Guy Fieri’s new restaurant, but it might as well be. BuzzFeed.